Marvel NOW!: How Will Jean Grey Appear In Bendis’ All New X-Men In November?

You know how, back in February, when Bleeding Cool first reported that Brian Bendis would be writing the X-Men, he said that it would be so much more than that?

Well here’s where that second shoe drops, and how Jean Grey returns to the Marvel Universe. And not as the Age Of Apocalypse dimensional alternative as some have posited.

The Comic Con edition of Entertainment Weekly reports on Bendis’ new X-Men title for the Marvel NOW! Relaunch

ALL NEW X-MEN: Brian Bendis takes on the most eccenctric and controversy-baiting Marvel NOW! book. The pitch: The original five teenage X-Men time-travel to the present day. “Here’s the big question that the original X-Men are gonna be faced with: ‘We’re gonna grow up and this is what we’re going to to get? That is not acceptable.” NOV. 2012

Bleeding Cool previously reported that the book would be bi-weekly, with an initial six issue arc by Stuart Immonen. Other artoists mentioned in relation to this book include Brandon Peterson and Leinil Yu.

And it looks as if Marvel Girl will also be appearing in Uncanny Avengers during her trip here…

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