Aquaman Outsells Every Marvel Comic Again, But Marvel Thrashes DC On Market Share – February 2012 Stats

I understand that once again, DC have a lock down on the top ten of comics distributed in North American comic shops, with the sixth issues of Justice League, Batman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Batman: The Dark Knight, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Batman & Robin. The only difference from January 2012 is that Aquaman is now ahead of Batman & Robin.

However, there are dramatic changes for market share. In January, Marvel led DC on share of dollars by 35.17% to 33.55% while DC led Marvel on the actual number of comics sold, 39.86% to 37.51%.

In February, possibly as a result of Marvel taking advantage of a five week month, with DC again abandoning the final week of the month to non-52 comics, Marvel leads for both. In a big way.

For dollar share, Marvel has a similar share with 35.92% of the market, a gain of 3/4 or a point. DC however sees its share drop four point to 29.47% back under than important 30% figure, something they haven’t done since around this time last year.

And on tha amount of comics sold, Marvel have incresed their share by over one point to 38.61% while DC have seen their share drop by four-and-a-half point to 35.26%.

I understand that plans are afoot at DC to deal with the fifth week issue. The next month it occurs will be in May.

Overall sales are still up by a fifth year on year for comics and graphic novels. There’s a lot of money still being dropped on them thar print comic book thingies.

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