Jamie McKelvie Drawing Warren Ellis Comic For Marvel?

Posted by March 7, 2011 Comment

Was it that long ago that Jamie McKelvie was a member of the Warren Ellis Forum, and later its successor The V, where he teamed up with fellow board member KIeron Gillen? I just remember long nights with the pair of them and a bunch of other reprobates at The Ship on Wardour Street as they hatched what would become Phonogram.

Both ensconsed at Marvel now, Kieron has stepped up to be the main X-Men writer. And Jamie McKelvie? Well according to this tweet

Think this script of @warrenellis is making me go blind.

He’s working on a comic by Warren Ellis. And a quick and cheery “no comment” from Marvel if nothing else lends one to presume that whatever it is, it may be coming from them.

I do love it when friends work with friends.

Update: Warren mentioned Jamie was working with him on a secret project the other day when embedding his Art Brut cover. I saw the cover… and I didn’t read the little bit at the bottom. Still good news.

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