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Warren Ellis Will Be at New York Comic Con – But His Time is Not His Own

Warren Ellis has let his minions on his mailing list know that he is coming to New York Comic Con in October next month. But also tempering certain people’s expectations. He writes, NYCC are hosting a CASTLEVANIA Spotlight Panel on Saturday evening, via the good offices of Viz and Frederator, and I’ll be on it, […]

5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates #1

5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s Trees: Three Fates #1

Image Comics has released a preview of Trees: Three Fates #1, the first issue of the next volume of the creator-owned series by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, ahead of its release in September. Final order cutoff for the comic is Monday, and Image is hoping it will sell out so they can send out […]

Batman's Grave: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Series Launches in October

The Batman’s Grave: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Series Launches in October

DC Comics has revealed the name and launch date of the upcoming Batman project by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. DC’s blog has the official press release, though of course you heard it here first at Bleeding Cool back in March (pip pip). Kevin Nowlan will ink the 12-issue maxi-series, which is called The Batman’s Grave. […]

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Talking to Laurie Penny About the Switch From British Politics to Hollywood

Laurie Penny is best known – in the UK at least – as a political columnist and activist, writing for the Independent, the Guardian, Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, Vice, Salon, The Nation, Medium and was a contributing editor at the New Statesman. She is – or at least was – a familiar face on British political discussion TV and radio shows, and has written a number of […]

Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s Trees: Three Fates Coming in September

Warren Ellis writes his newsletter every week. Some people still don’t subscribe. Here’s another reason why you should stop not subscribing and start subscribing by clicking here. Because he’s just put up a solicitation for September for the third chapter of his John Wyndham-ish alien-not-quite-an-invasion series with Jason Howard, Trees. Of which there is meant […]

Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch – Reuniting on Batman?

So. An hour ago, Bleeding Cool ran an unaired clip from tomorrow night’s The Jonathan Ross Show, in which Bryan Hitch got to meet Samuel L Jackson, the man he made Nick Fury in The Ultimates all of seventeen years ago. Hell, we’ll run it again below, it’s a really cool clip, and Brie Larson […]

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Warren Ellis on the Future of Wild Storm, Trees, and Injection

Warren Ellis puts out a weekly newsletter. You really should subscribe, even if he shoots at you. Especially if he shoots at you. For instance, in the most recent one out today, as well as showing off Sana Takeda‘s variant cover for The Wild Storm #16… …he reminds us that he, Warren, has never won an Eisner […]

Netflix’s Castlevania Set To Return Before Year’s End

If you’ve been wondering just when Netflix would get around to bringing back Castlevania, we now kinda have an idea when. Warren Ellis took to Twitter this week to let fans of the series know, as best as we’re sure an NDA will let him, what the plans are for Season 2 of the animated […]

Shipwreck #6 cover by Phil Hester and Mark Englert

Shipwreck #6 Review: A Delayed but Satisfying Ending

Dr. Shipwright has arrived at the rendezvous point where the rescue ship from his world will arrive. Isham is there waiting for Shipwright, and Isham blows the bridge where the ship would land. Shipwright learns why Isham has been chasing him as well as those among his friends who have worked for Isham. This is […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, June 6th, 2018: New Age of Justice and Hulks

It’s the beginning of a new month, and that means a new month of Wednesdays and new comic books. How should you start your month? What comics should you get? We’ll let you know here. Here is the link to the full ComicList catalogue. Let’s get started. Shipwreck #6 The finale to Warren Ellis’ Aftershock series comes this […]

Warren Ellis Weighs in on Avengers: Infinity War, Spoiler Free

Every Sunday Warren Ellis sends out Orbital Operations, his weekly newsletter where he talks about his current projects, thoughts, commentary on culture and recommendations for music, books, movies, television and whatever else took his fancy in the past week. This week, he talks about the latest Marvel movie rolling over the planet’s box office and cultural […]


UCP Options Warren Ellis’s Injection for Television

Universal Cable Productions has optioned the ongoing comic series Injection for television. The Image Comics title that was first published in 2015, comes from Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. Injection tells the story of a special think-tank brought together by the British government for the sole purpose of theorizing about the future of […]

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After 20 Years, Marvel to Publish Warren Ellis’s 2 Issues of Satana

Once upon a time, Warren Ellis wrote a Satana series for Marvel, coming off his run on Hellstorm and Druid. It was to be part of an imprint called Strange Tales, conceived to compete with Vertigo, reimagining Marvel’s horror characters for a mature readership. J.M. DeMatteis and Liam Sharpe lined up for Man-Thing, Warren Ellis […]

Castlevania Will Be Back On Netflix With Eight Episodes This Summer

Apparently, all you have to do is ask Warren Ellis the same question 100 times a day and you’ll eventually get an answer to your query. After being asked relentlessly by Castlevania fans as to whether or not the series would be returning to Netflix anytime soon, Ellis threw up a tweet that should both […]