How Adam Warlock Was Destroyed By Sticky Tape…

Fantastic Four #67 is the first appearance of the character known as Him, who would one day become Adam Warlock. Also the mad scientist group known as The Enclave, which Marvel Comics #1000 revealed had been heavily involved in the 20th-century history of the Marvel Universe. But it's Warlock who gets the most attention, with expectations of Marvel movie glory to come, and has recently sold on eBay for over $700.

So pity one collector, Jamie Cowley, who was in the proceeds of moving a copy from one bag and board to another.

Adam Warlock

And while doing so absent-mindedly set the comic down on the bag it had just come from. Without considering the sticky tape.

Adam Warlock

Hello Thing.

Adam Warlock

As he writes,

The irony was I had a razor I was going to slit the cover open with. Then I was like "nah I might slip and cut the cover!" Then whoops put down the old bag and it fumbled ontop if the comic

Can you feel the pain?

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