“Star Wars: X-Wing” Gets “Epic Battles” Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: X-Wing is a pretty fun game, with a rules set that lets two players square off against each other in exciting Star Wars battles with miniature star-fighters. The combat is fun, and the game takes some serious strategic thinking to out-manuever your opponent. But bigger battles with more players can be a little tricky to pull off. Luckily, Fantasy Flight Games will be offering a remedy for that shortly with the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion, which will be coming soon for your games of X-Wing.

"Star Wars: X-Wing" Gets "Epic Battles" Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansionfor Star Wars: X-Wing! Epic Battles introduces a totally new way to play X-Wing, inviting two to eight players to engage in epic multiplayer battles as they command massive fleets in large-scale games that evoke iconic Star Wars scenes.

The Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion will include 11 new “cinematic” scenarios, which will help you get team games off the ground, or, for those of us who enjoy massive chaos— massive, 8 player free-for-all bouts— Epic Battles for X-Wing will be introducing new elements to the game that will make these bigger battles easier to manage.

Flight wings will be introduced to the game, which will allow players to control multiple ships that are flying in formation with only one maneuver dial. This should work really well in tandem with the new Huge ships that are coming to X-Wing, too.

Wing formations also allow limited pilots to synergize their abilities together, which could add some interesting group dynamics to your game of X-Wing. Plus, seeing wings of TIE fighters is about as Star Wars as it gets, so this should be pretty cool to see on tables!

"Star Wars: X-Wing" Gets "Epic Battles" Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

You will also be able to field a wing leader, and there will be group tactics within the wing that will help keep that valuable squadron leader in the fight longer.

The scenarios that are included in the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion will allow you to ramp-up the amount of ships you can field in a game, with some scenarios giving you the chance to build 500 point fleets, or 20-threat squadrons. This should help get some of those bigger ships into your game of X-Wing as well!

The new Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing will be released late in the year, but your local game store should be able to pre-order it for you now!

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