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Leigh George Kade is a writer, illustrator, and sculptor who lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two small Skrulls. Leigh has also been a panelist on the wildly popular Geek Show Podcast since 2008. He has been an Entertainment Writer for Bleeding Cool since 2018.

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"Charlie's Angels" Once Became "Love Boat Angels:" the Greatest Turkey to Ever Set Sail

“Charlie’s Angels” Go “Love Boat:” the Greatest Turkey to Ever Set Sail

Charlie’s Angles was never a really good show. It was, as was the case with most of the entertainment that Aaron Spelling produced, easily digestible. The premise was simple— a creepy, middle aged dude named Bosley (David Doyle), with the voice of a gravel-chewing pug and the looks to match, manages the Townesend Detective Agency, […]

“The Hunger”: A Feast for the Eyes, Not Much for the Brain (Neon Cinema)

in 1983, Tony Scott whipped up a delectable dish of a vampire flick in The Hunger, which he dropped onto the plates of hungry horror fans everywhere. The movie brought a bold new twist on the tired old vampire mythos of the time— The Hunger was new-wave sexy, eclectic, and oddly original. It was also incredibly […]

"The Mandalorian" S01, Ep03: "The Sin" Brings the Bling (Spoiler Review)

“The Mandalorian” S01, Ep03: “The Sin” Brings the Bling (Spoiler Review)

I have had nothing but great things to say about The Mandalorian, the first live action televised project set in the Star Wars universe. It’s an audacious undertaking, filled with lush visuals, stunning action sequences, great performances, and an extraordinary soundtrack. The Mandalorian was a pretty pricey way to launch Disney + as a streaming […]

"Minecraft: Builders & Biomes" Brings the Action to (Board Game) Life

“Minecraft: Builders & Biomes” Brings the Action to (Board Game) Life

It’s hard to believe that Minecraft has already been on this planet for a decade. There are full grown adults wandering around this planet right now that played Minecraft in elementary school. Let that sink in for a moment. Makes you want to shake off how old you feel with a little celebration, doesn’t it? […]

"Starfinder Character Operations Manual" Brings New Classes

“Starfinder Character Operations Manual” Brings New Classes

Paizo has done a really nice job of taking all of the fantasy tropes of Pathfinder and converting them into a science fiction setting! There is something quite thrilling about running into Halflings and Orcs in space. With the Starfinder Character Operations Manual, Paizo will be introducing brand new character options into Starfinder with the […]

"Warhammer" News: Games Workshop Bringing Back Classic Setting

“Warhammer” News: Games Workshop Bringing Back Classic Setting

For decades, fans of Games Workshop’s venerable Warhammer Fantasy Battles had one of the richest, fully realized playgrounds in table top gaming at their disposal. The world that Warhammer’s fantasy setting took place in was filled with untold terrors, scheming nation states, and an incredible rogues gallery of characters and villains. This was referred to […]

Better Off Dead: Just Give the Kid Two Dollars Already (Neon Cinema)

Better Off Dead: Just Give the Kid Two Dollars Already (Neon Cinema)

A suicidally depressed teen tries to win back his girlfriend by throwing himself off of a perfectly good mountain, ignoring the impossible cute French mechanic living across the street. Claymation hamburgers lip-sync to Van Halen, a pre-teen builds a ray gun, and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds wears lots of hats. Welcome to 1985, […]

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage

Fans of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars franchises will find themselves with some pretty great purchases at their local game stores today, with new releases for Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Legion coming out, as well as new card packs for the Arkham Horror and Lord of the Rings card games! Star Wars: X-Wing […]

"The Mandalorian" S01, Ep02: "The Child" Brings Out Your Inner Jawa (Spoiler Review)

Pedro Pascal Praises “The Mandalorian” Cast and Crew

Could you imagine being Pedro Pascal right now? His new series on Disney +, The Mandalorian, feels like a love letter to everything that was great with growing up as a Star Wars fan. The series has been a ton of fun so far, and we’re only two episodes in. Most of the cast hasn’t […]

Bill Murray Boards Quibi Train for Farrelly Series “The Now”

Quibi might be a pretty small little service, but they are somehow pulling some major talent in to star in their upcoming series. Variety just broke the news that Bill Murray will be joining Dave Franco in the new series The Now, which will be directed by Dumb and Dumber’s Peter Farrelly. “The Now” centers […]

Fantasy Flight Games Announces "Marvel Crisis Protocol" Miniatures For Fall 2019

“Marvel: Crisis Protocol” Everything a Super Hero Game Should Be (Review)

Atomic Mass Games drops their newest game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol on an unsuspecting world today. You’re seriously not ready for this incredibly fun game. It’s also one of the best valued miniature games hitting the market, with far more packed into its $100 box than a lot of games. My local game store received a […]

"Family Tree" #1: Botanical Post Apocalypse Tale Off with a Bang (Review)

“Family Tree” #1: Botanical Post Apocalypse Tale Off with a Bang (Review)

In the opening pages of Jeff Lemire’s excellent new comic, Family Tree, we are introduced to Loretta. She’s a single mom with two kids. The youngest, Meg, is precocious and inquisitive, while the oldest, Josh, has a knack for getting in trouble. Loretta has to leave work early to get Josh from school, who just […]

"Hellmouth" #2: Buffy and Angel Team Up to Battle Drusilla

“Hellmouth” #2: Buffy and Angel Team Up to Battle Drusilla

I have to admit that I have been a pretty big fan of BOOM! Studios new take on the classic Whedonverse characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The characters feel very much like they did in the late ’90s, but with the added benefit of, you know, cell phones. Plus, Willow starts out […]

Warcradle Studios Teases More "Mythos" Miniatures

Warcradle Studios Teases More “Mythos” Miniatures

Warcradle Studios has been pretty busy lately. Not only has the company behind Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars been plugging away on their flagship titles, they’ve also been developing stand along properties like Lost World Exodus, and the brand new, Lovecraft inspired Mythos, which looks simply wonderful. Warcradle took to their blog today to […]

New Organ Donor Team Announced for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

The Emmy award winning The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is making some changes to their writing pool, and has named a new head writing team. That team will be made up of Jay Katsir, Ariel Dumas, and Opus Moreschi, according to Deadline. I have worked with all three of these incredibly talented people since […]

Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games

Malifaux gets a new “Salty Seadevil” from Wyrd Games

The new third edition of Malifaux has been on shelves for a few months, and a lot of players have been spending some quality times with their crews working out the changes that Wyrd brought about with the new rules. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to bring on some new minis! The […]

his dark materials

“His Dark Materials” S01, EP03: Uncovering Secrets with “Spies” (Preview)

The intrigue and mystery behind BBC and HBO’s joint production of His Dark Materials hit a very tense pitch in episode 2, The Idea of North. Lyra (Dafne Keen) has uncovered a few startling secrets about her new guardian, Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson), that threaten her search for her missing friend, Roger (Lewin Lloyd). The […]