"Gaslands: Refueled" to be Released Soon!

“Gaslands: Refueled” Hits Highways on September 19th!

Osprey Publishing, a publisher known for their model-agnostic games such as Frostgrave, Gaslands, and others, is coming out with a re-release for Gaslands, their take on a post-apocalyptic car-driven wargame. It’s called Gaslands: Refueled, and it’s slated to come out in book form in the next five days, on September 19th, 2019. According to, the website […]

Kill Team logo

Review: Games Workshop’s “Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team”

Of all Games Workshop‘s published games, Warhammer 40,000 is arguably their most famous. It’s among their oldest, and most acclaimed games and is a progenitor to all manner of other games by other publishers. It stands to reason, then, that when Warhammer 40,000 gets a revamp or offshoot, fans clamor for such a game. At Bleeding Cool, we […]

NOVA Open banner for games workshop

Many New Games Workshop Releases Unveiled at NOVA Open

On Wednesday, the NOVA Open, a large wargaming convention and tournament site, began, renewing old grudges and starting bitter new rivalries. It was absolutely rocked to its core, however, when Games Workshop unveiled a number of new model releases. The releases cover a great multitude of Games Workshop’s major titles, with a few other surprises […]

"Guild Ball" Releasing Four New Player Models

“Guild Ball” Releasing Four New Player Models In Late August

Throughout the history of wargaming, companies have tried and tried again to appeal to different audiences. There have been sci-fi wargames, there have been high-fantasy wargames – there’s even been low-fantasy wargames. But when you veer into the world of sporting wargames, you fall into a niche that is relatively small in comparison, at least […]

Bleeding Cool reviews Games Workshop's "Age Of Sigmar: Warcry"

Review: Games Workshop’s “Age Of Sigmar: Warcry”

Games Workshop has come out with a whole multitude of different wargames. From the incomparable Warhammer 40,000 to the obscure-yet-acclaimed Mordheim, it seems as though Games Workshop could exhaust their intellectual property at any second, right? It seems the answer to that question is “wrong!”, because not long ago GW rebranded their fantasy wargame Warhammer into […]

Games Workshop Shares Awesome New Sisters Repentia for "Warhammer 40K"

Games Workshop Shares Awesome Sisters Repentia for “Warhammer 40K”

Games Workshop just released some teaser images for the Sisters Repentia segment of the upcoming Sisters of Battle line of miniatures, and it’s time to give credit where it’s due— these new sculpts are finally showing the body-type diversity that has been long lacking in miniatures of female characters from the Warhammer 40K universe. (To […]

"Star Wars: Legion" Previews Galactic Father/Son Reunion

“Star Wars: Legion” Previews Galactic Father/Son Reunion

Fantasy Flight Games just announced an epic pair of releases for Star Wars: Legion that may adjust the mechanics of the game for the better. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may already exist in the game, but two upcoming Operative Expansions will change the way players field these iconic characters. Previously, Star Wars: Legion players […]

"Star Wars: X-Wing" Braces for the Return of Huge Ships to Combat

“Star Wars: X-Wing” Braces for the Return of Huge Ships to Combat

Fantasy Flight Games has announced some huge news: the big ships are coming back to the game, after being absent from battlefields since the launch of the second edition of Star Wars: X-Wing. Three new expansions have been announced: The Huge Ship Conversion Kit, the Tantive IV Expansion Pack, and the C-Roc Cruiser Expansion Pack. […]

Knight Models Announces 2nd Edition of "Harry Potter" Miniatures Game

Knight Models Announces 2nd Edition of “Harry Potter” Miniatures Game

Well, that was fast. Generally, a game is out for more than a couple of years before a second edition, but Knight Models have announced a second edition of the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game will be up for pre-order on July 16th. That’s not even a year since the Harry Potter miniatures game hit […]

"Monsterpocalypse" Contest Could Put YOUR Store In-Game!

“Monsterpocalypse” Contest Could Put YOUR Store In-Game!

The folks at Privateer Press have a pretty nifty contest going on for their Monsterpocalypse monster-fighting miniature game— and the winner gets their favorite game store immortalized in resin for their giant monsters to destroy. One of the really fun aspects to Monsterpocalypse is the inclusion of finely detailed resin buildings, many of which have […]

Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con

Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con

The new third edition of Malifaux is upon us, with Wyrd Games offering up a new, streamlined version of their awesome steampunk/horror/weird west miniature skirmish game! You can check out the new rules for free, and even get the upgrade cards for your old warbands without spending a penny! But you’re going to want to […]

Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for "Star Wars: Legion"

Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for “Star Wars: Legion”

If you had asked me a few months ago what units I wanted to see most for Fantasy Flight Games‘ Star Wars: Legion game, Tauntaun Riders would not have been on the list. But now, I’ve had a chance to look them over a little, and they’ve quickly become one of my most anticipated new […]

Games Workshop Shows Off New Sisters of Battle for 40k

Games Workshop Shows Off New Sisters of Battle for 40k

I have been hearing rumors surrounding a new plastic kit of Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40,000 go around the geekoshpere for nearly 20 years, but it’s really starting to look like Games Workshop is serious about getting new troopers for the Adepta Sororitas on game tables sooner than later. The latest update from the […]

"Kings of War" Gets New Third Edition in October

“Kings of War: Vanguard” Unleashes the Might of the Trident Realm

Mantic Games released Kings of War: Vanguard close to a year ago, with a good amount of the factions available in the book already released for players to get going on the table-top. Additional releases brought the forces of the Northern Alliance into play, as well as additional otherworldly power for the Abyssal faction. But […]

"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops

“Star Wars: Legion” Sends Out the Clones in the BARC Speeder Set

Fantasy Flight Games has been rolling out plenty of teases for their new Clone Wars era expansions for Star Wars: Legion, with a core set set to drop in a few weeks, and the first few expansions focusing on Clone and Battle Droid trooper units. The BARC Speeder will also be out soon, with individual […]

"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops

“Star Wars: Legion” Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops

The folks at Fantasy Flight Games are keeping the buzz-a-buzzing with news of their upcoming Clone Wars-era expansions for the hit game Star Wars: Legion. Now, we get a really good look at the rolly-polly droids of destruction, the Droidekas. Versatile and extremely destructive, Droidekas are a threat to even veteran squads of clone troopers […]

"Kings of War" Gets New Third Edition in October

“Kings of War” Gets New Third Edition in October

Mantic Games has just announced that they will be celebrating the upcoming tenth anniversary of their Kings of War fantasy miniature combat game with an all-new third edition! Here’s the official press release from Mantic: KINGS OF WAR THIRD EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE THIS OCTOBER Mantic Games releasing a new 380-page rulebook for the world’s […]

"Monsterpocalypse" Going Ape Over "King Kondo" (REVIEW)

“Monsterpocalypse” Going Ape Over “King Kondo” (REVIEW)

There are few things I love more on this earth than giant monsters. Give me a game where I can fight giant monsters against other giant monsters, and you will have my heart forever. So, imagine how much a goofball like me is going to flip out over a game like Monsterpocalypse, the kaiju-fighting-kaiju maniature […]