Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Get New Series in September from Jim Zub, Lan Medina

Marvel has revealed another new series launching September: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda, spinning out of Avengers and starring the covert ops team assembled by Black Panther to handle the business the Avengers can’t. The new series was announced on, where writer Jim Zub, who is joined by artist Lan “Funky Cold” Medina, described the book as a “Kirby-fueled Mission Impossible.”

BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA is Kirby-fueled Mission: Impossible in the Marvel Universe. It’s over-the-top action and unexpected twists with a cast of characters pulled from strange places in the Marvel Comics canon. This is a strike force of misfits and monsters tasked with defending humanity and that gives me the freedom to tell a huge range of stories—serious and sadistic, epic and emotional.

It’s unclear, and even a little unsettling, that Marvel has somehow found a way to produce fuel out of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby. Nevertheless, the series does sound interesting, especially for those enjoying the team’s exploits in the pages of Avengers. Says Zub:

Jason assembled a really bold group of weird and wonderful heroes. I’m using that as the foundation for the series and building up from there. Black Panther is at the forefront, of course, but each story will also rotate in or out other agents as needed, mixing up our character dynamics to keep it fresh and fun. The Agents of Wakanda are part of the broader Avengers support structure, but also operate independent of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, dealing with a staggering array of dangers, big and small. That’s what Jason started with, and I’m pushing that out even further.

Here’s the official series description:

Written by Jim Zub with art by Lan Medina, the new ongoing series brings a squad first seen in the pages of Jason Aaron’s AVENGERS (2018) into the spotlight—or, more appropriately, into the shadows.

An under-the-radar task force spearheaded by the King of Wakanda with the help of General Okoye, the Agents of Wakanda introduce their very own brand of covert operations as the Wasp, Ka-Zar, and Gorilla-Man come together to take on threats across realities…

Avengers Spinoff Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Launches at Marvel in September


Avengers Spinoff Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Launches at Marvel in September

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