Marvel Teases a Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Crossover

Marvel Comics is teasing something to do with both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in an upcoming comic. The House of Ideas took to Twitter on Father’s Day to tweet an image of a number four made out of a spider web.

The assumption here is that Marvel is planning some kind of crossover between Peter Parker and the Fantastic Four, either in the form of a literal comic book crossover between Fantastic Four and one of Spidey’s books, or with a storyline featuring one in the other’s comics. That makes sense since the history between the two goes so far back, with Spider-Man attempting to join the Fantastic Four way back in 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #1. But it could be literally anything. Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four being killed off and Spider-Man forming a new team. Spider-Man cloning himself and forming a team of four Spider-Men. The sky’s the limit.

Of course, there are a large number of spider-themed characters in comics these days, including Miles Morales, who also goes by Spider-Man, but also characters like Spider-Gwen, or Doctor Octopus (going by Superior Spider-Man) who could be teaming up with the Fantastic Four. It’s probably Peter, but hey, we had to stretch a tweet with nothing but a picture of a number out into a full-fledged article, so we figured we might as well bring up the possibility. Maybe four different Spider-People will form their own team to rival the FF.

Marvel’s August solicitations should be released sometime in the next week or two, and then July will feature San Diego Comic Con, so it’s certainly the season for Marvel to be announcing crossovers and the like. We’ll find out more in the coming weeks, we imagine… or maybe sooner. The teaser images are similar to ones posted by Marvel when they were about to announce the return of the Fantastic Four back in March of 2018… so maybe this will be a new series after all?

Except if that’s what’s going on here, they’d be counting down, not up. Maybe Zero Hour has finally come to the Marvel Universe. Stay tuned, True Believers!


Marvel Spinning Up a Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Crossover?

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