Can London’s DC World Restaurant Tell One Amazon From Another?

Bleeding Cool has been receiving reports that the new fine dining resaurant in London’s Soho, officially licensed from Warner Bris as DC World, with different sections reflecting different DC Comics characters, specifically Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman may have run into a slight snag. You see, while everyone was merrily working away on the Arkham Asylum space, the Pennyworth bar, the Penguin’s ice lounge or Two-Face’s dichotomy dining area – someone pointed out about the Wonder Woman section. Which had been modelled stylistically on the area of the Amazon river.

And no one had thought to say that this is the wrong Amazon. That’s the Amazon named after the Greek legend of the Amazon warrior tribe, living on the banks of the Thermadon river – a rather plain backdrop. And Wonder Woman’s Paradise Island doesn’t have a massive South American river running through it and the topical rainforests weren’t the intended aesthetic.

Whether or not they’ll start from scratch or just make do, I don’t know. Maybe a bit of retro-active continuity is in order…

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