Batman 87

What Is Up With The Riddler In Batman #87? (Spoilers)

When last we saw The Riddler, he had gone through a major change. Year Of The Villain: The Riddler saw him decide to put away foolish things. Fed up of his life spent fighting Batman – and losing – as being one big joke, he abandoned it all – for something far sinister. It seemed […]

Wednesday Comics

Who Is More Stupid – Batman or Superman in Superman/Batman #6? (Spoilers)

So how have Superman and Batman been doing? Not great, to be honest. They (with Wonder Woman) built Sanctuary as a mental health haven for superheroes that was full of contradictions and a massive security risk for everyone and, eventually, ended up killing off a bunch of superheroes and exposing what were clearly a mentally […]

Wednesday Comics

How Bruce Wayne is Rebuilding Gotham in Batman #87 and Batman/Superman #5

Batman #87 continues the series obsession with the architecture of Gotham and Bruce Wayne’s surprising rebuilding of the city between issues. Including the Gotham City Police Department’s new containment facility which is, apparently, more secure than that of the Justice League’s Halls Of Justice. …to everyone but Batman of course. He and Lucius Fox literally […]

Batman Beyond #25 Jumps to $30 On eBay

Batman Beyond #25, #36, #37 and Tomorrow’s #40 Jump Over Batwoman Spoilers

Courtesy of tomorrow’s Batman Beyond #40, spoilers for which are all over the place regarding the identity of the new Batwoman of the future, Batman Beyond #25 has been jumping in value. Copies have sold on eBay for up to $30, while a combination of issues #36 and #37 have sold for $36 together. While […]

James Tynion IC Reveals a Brand New Punchline on Batman #87

James Tynion IV Reveals Brand New Character, Punchline, in Upcoming Batman

James Tynion IV has been writing on his newsletter about Batman again, You really should sign up. And he’s talking about this week’s Batman – and the beginnings of Joker War in April. This is the story that started in the epilogue to Batman 85, and will be the biggest Joker story since Batman: Endgame […]

How Target Stocks Their Batman: Caped Crusader 100-Page Giant #1

How Target Stocks Their Batman: Caped Crusader 100-Page Giant #1

Target got an exclusive Batman 100-Page Giant recently, Batman: The Caped Crusader #1, selling instore for $9.99. It was not announced by any publicity, from Target or DC, and a comic store distribution solicitation has not been made either. As a result, copies are going for up to $22 on eBay. Edited by Andrew Marino, Batman: The […]

Frankensteining DC

Will Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok Be Solicited Today?

Does this tweet from artist Jason Fabok… big #batman #Threejokers news coming soon… stay tuned. — Jason Fabok (@JasonFabok) January 13, 2020 …indicate that Three Jokers #1 by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok will be solicited by DC Comics for April? Looks like we should add it to the Frankensteined titles. Here’s some art […]

The 100 Most-Ordered Comics and Graphic Novels in Comic Shops in 2019

These are the 100 most-ordered comics and graphic novels in the North American direct market serviced by Diamond Comic Distributors in all of 2019, courtesy of Previewsworld. We previously looked at top tens, marketshare and sales rises on Friday, here’s a slightly fuller picture. One problem with the list below is that the list as it […]

Doomsday Clock Will Not Completely Line Up With The DC Comics Timeline - Official

Doomsday Clock Will Not Completely Line Up With The DC Comics Timeline – Official

When it was announced, Doomsday Clock, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, was also a crossover with the DC Universe. Specifically the very-near-ahead DC Universe, the plan was that as the story reached its conclusion, that the events of Doomsday Clock would marry up with the DC Comics Universe then […]

Detective Comics #1000 Tops 2018 Direct Market, With 600,000 Sales

Detective Comics #1000 Sold 600,000+, Tops 2019 Direct Market Chart

Detective Comics #1000, was named the bestselling comic book of 2019 earlier today by Diamond Comic Distributors, the world’s largest distributor of comics, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise. Back in September, Bleeding Cool got the word that it had approached 600,000 copies. But remember, that’s only in comic book stores. In comparison, both Asterix […]

The Long Read: Doomsday Clock is Canon and In Continuity

Over 2017 and 2018, Bleeding Cool ran a number of articles looking at the relationship of Doomsday Clock to the rest of the DC Universe – and even The Three Jokers too. We saw what once was clearly intended to be the tightest of structured continuity, fall apart as a result of delays, personnel changes […]


Has Batman #86 Still 86’ed Alfred Pennyworth? (Spoilers)

Batman #86. New writers, editors, artists, we can all forget about what some saw as those stylistic excesses of Tom King for the past four years of Batman. No more discussions of whether it was the roof, the boat or the beach, no more Kite-Man hell yeahs, no more punching people with POWs, no more […]

SPOILERS: Donny Cates Writes the Justice League in Thor #2

SPOILERS: Donny Cates Writes the Justice League in Thor #2

Some people accuse Bleeding Cool of running comic book clickbait stories. What they are actually doing is accusing Jude Terror of writing comic book clickbait stories. Which he fully admits he does. Usually within the very clickbait that he is writing. And people like Donny Cates get rather annoyed especially when that clickbait is about […]