A 15-Year-Old Quits School To Become A Pro-Fortnite Player

Remember how you fantasized about maybe playing video games for a living as a kid? That dream just happened for one Fortnite player in the U.K. The Daily Mail has a story running this week about Benjy Fish, who has gotten a reputation being one of the top players in the game wearing one of the worst skins ever (seen here) has basically dropped out of school to play professionally, because he’s already earned £25,000 in the past three months. His main goal at the moment is to compete in the Fortnite World Cup, but even if he doesn’t make it, it appears he’s already got a major esports career on his hands as a member of the esports team NRG. Here’s a snippet from the article.

A 15-year-Old Quits School To Become A Pro-Fortnite Player
credit//Epic Games

‘My mum didn’t think I was all that good at it at first until I woke her up in the middle of the night to say I’d won £10,000 in an online competition against the top players in Europe,’ he said.

‘That’s when things really started to take off and I was signed as a professional by the games computer NRG eSports – one of the top eSports teams around.

‘Up until that point, I’d been (badly) juggling going to school with playing Fortnite into the early hours seven days a week.’

Benjy added that he would often fall asleep in lessons, and after his £10,000 win his teachers couldn’t believe it – with his music teacher Mr Smith joking that the teenager was earning more than most of the school’s staff.

We are a little curious as to what he will do when the day eventually comes that Fortnite isn’t a major game anymore (because it happens to all games), and he has no diploma in the bank, but it seems like that’s a problem for future Benjy to deal with. For now, best of luck to the kid living out the dreams a lot of us had at his age.

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