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Epic Games Alerts Fans Of Chapter 2 Season 2 Date For “Fortnite”

Epic Games has finally revealed when Chapter 2 Season 2 will kick off in Fortnite. But, of course, they’re keeping some of the details to themselves. We now know that the current date is set for February 20th, 2020. However, as is with many dates set in the past, there’s a chance that could change. […]

"Fortnite" & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

“Fortnite” & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

Epic Games has gotten together with TikTok to have another crossover event in Fortnite, but this time around, there’s immortality at stake. Kinda. The two are throwing an Emote Royale, which is basically a contest to create a new emote for the game. The entry process is free and pretty simple. First, you need to […]

"Fortnite" Adds New Competitive Rules Focused On Collusion

“Fortnite” Adds New Competitive Rules Focused On Collusion

Epic Games added some new rules to competitive Fortnite this week, specifically targeting anyone who may cheat through collusion. Throughout 2019 there apparently had become a major problem with signaling, which many picked up on, where players would throw the game or lend aid to others in order to boost a single player or team […]

Apparently You Can Play “Fortnite” On The Atari VCS

The Atari VCS is on the way, and as a demonstration of what it can do, the devs decided to show you it can play Fortnite without issues. The console is due to be released this Spring, and while there’s been talk of what it can do, we haven’t seen too many games appear on […]

"Fortnite" Chapter 2 Drops Overnight On An Angry But Relieved Audience

Despite Sales Being Down, “Fortnite” Still Top-Earning Game Of 2019

Even though the game has had a 25% decrease in revenue last year, Fortnite remained on top as the top-earning game of 2019. According to SuperData, which is a Nielson company that monitors sales and revenue for video games on a regular basis, Epic Games’ battle royale title pilled in $1.8 billion in revenue in […]

Epic Games Gives “Fortnite” Players Some 2020 Celebration Gear

To celebrate the brand new year, the folks over at Epic Games have given the players of Fortnite some new gear to ring in 2020 in style. Below you can see the developers gave you a brand new glider with LED decoration on the top. This one specifically with the number 2020 adorned in fireworks. […]

Wick’s Bounty LTM Returns To “Fortnite” For A Short Time

If you’ve been looking for a reason to play as John Wick again in Fortnite, Epic Games gave you a reason with the return of Wick’s Bounty LTM. The mode was a pretty popular one back when John Wick: Chapter 3 was released in theaters earlier this year. Now you get to head back in […]

The "Fortnite" Blizzards Are A Part Of A Chaotic Plan

The “Fortnite” Blizzards Are A Part Of A Chaotic Plan

For a couple of days now, people have been confused as to why random blizzards have been showing up in Fortnite, but there is an idea. Back on December 24th, the devs at Epic Games released a new update into the game, throwing in a little holiday spirit. Ever since that time, the game has […]

"Fortnite" Reveals More "Star Wars" Details At The Game Awards

Here’s What Happened During The “Star Wars” Event In “Fortnite”

Yesterday, Disney and Epic Games took over the island in Fortnite to present a special Star Wars event, and here’s what we got from it. Players were thrown into a period of time where they couldn’t kill each other in the game, so unlike previous events where you could take people out midway through, that […]

"Fortnite" Reveals More "Star Wars" Details At The Game Awards

“Fortnite” Reveals More “Star Wars” Details At The Game Awards

During The Game Awards, we got a brief visit from J.J. Abrams who decided to drop by on tape and help briefly show off Star Wars stuff in Fortnite. As we all know, this Saturday they will be showing an exclusive clip for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker in the game. But it looks […]

"Fortnite" Will Be Showing A Clip Of "#Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker"

“Fortnite” Will Be Showing A Clip Of “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker”

Epic Games may have scored one of the biggest events they will ever see in Fortnite as they’re holding a special Star Wars presentation. The game will have a special presentation presented by Disney and J.J. Abrams as they will be showing off an exclusive clip for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. On December […]

Did "Fortnite" Rip Off A Character From "Critical Role"?

Did “Fortnite” Rip Off A Character From “Critical Role”?

An interesting tidbit from social media before we head into Thanksgiving as fans of Critical Role are calling out a new skin in Fortnite as a ripoff. Earlier today, Epic revealed a brand new skin available in their shop, posting the announcement on Twitter. The skin is called the Autumn Queen Outfit and comes with […]

The "Fortnite" Fishing Frenzy Is Currently Underway

The “Fortnite” Fishing Frenzy Is Currently Underway

Epic Games has actually launched a fishing competition inside Fortnite happening this weekend called the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy. You can take part in the event right now all the way until late Sunday night, all you have to do is snag a fishing rod and pick a category to compete in. (Sorry, harpoon gun users, […]

Stormtroopers Officially Invade “Fortnite” With “Star Wars” Content

That’s no moon… It’s an island, and it is getting invaded by a new force of sorts as Epic Games has added Star Wars content to Fortnite. Like a couple of other movie promotions in the past, the two entities have come together for an event to promote both Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star […]

Epic Games Acquires Quixel, Creator Of Megascans

Epic Games just added a new company to their list of acquisitions as they have now taken over Quixel, the creator of Megascans. The latter made the announcement on their blog about the purchase, along with some detailed information about what this means for them. Plus a handy little video for you in the process. […]

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WBIE & Epic Games Launch The “Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle”

WBIE and Epic Games have officially released the Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle, complete with a ton of additional content within. You can pick it up for all three major consoles today for $30, as it brings you the main game and a bunch of additional assets, which we have for you here. Best of luck to […]

"Fortnite" Chapter 2 Drops Overnight On An Angry But Relieved Audience

“Fortnite” Chapter 2 Drops Overnight On An Angry But Relieved Audience

After one of the best PR stunts in video game history took place with 36 hours of anger and hilarity over a black hole, Fortnite has finally returned. While a great number of players were sleeping, the company finally kicked off an animation that relaunched the game. The black hole chimed, some music kicked in, […]

An Eleven-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About The “Fortnite” Crash

Alice Johnston is the eleven-year-old daughter of Bleeding Cool founder Rich Johnston and she really likes Fortnite. Today, she writes her first article for Bleeding Cool. Fortnite, the game with approximately 250 million players across the entire world, has shut down and I do not know when it coming back. Before this horrible disaster, they […]

Epic Games Continues To Troll "Fortnite" Fans With Void Numbers

Epic Games Continues To Troll “Fortnite” Fans With Void Numbers

Kudos to Epic Games, their developers, and their PR and Marketing departments for trolling Fortnite fans with new issues that are making news everywhere. So in case you don’t know what happened, the devs killed the game and sucked everything into a black hole. But we already know, first from common sense, and second from […]