"Fortnite" Fans Unhappy The Combat Shotgun Has Been Vaulted

“Fortnite” Fans Unhappy The Combat Shotgun Has Been Vaulted

If you ever want to get the entire Fortnite community to get up-in-arms, all you have to do is take away one of their favorite weapons and wait. This week, Epic Games released a brand new update into the game that made a number of changes they’re calling “hotfix adjustments“. Well, one of those “adjustments” […]

WBIE & Epic Games Partner To Launch "Fortnite" Darkfire Bundle

WBIE & Epic Games Partner To Launch “Fortnite” Darkfire Bundle

Some interesting news from Epic Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as the two have partnered for Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle. We have the short details below released by the company, but basically this is a brand new version of the game with a bunch of content for a lower price. They include items you can’t […]

EPic Games Finally Nerfs The B.R.U.T.E. System In "Fortnite"

Epic Games Finally Nerfs The B.R.U.T.E. System In “Fortnite”

For the past few weeks, Fortnite players have been complaining about one main thing in the game, and that’s the B.R.U.T.E. system. If you’re not already familair with it, this is the new mech addition to the game which basically gives you a super powerful mech suit. In essence, if you get a hold of […]

"Fortnite" Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal

“Fortnite” Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal

Some big news today for Fortnite streamer/player Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, who has signed a multi-year deal with ReKTGlobal. According to the announcement this morning, the terms of the multi-year deal will have Lupo serving as the face of their main esports team Rogue through “appearances, streams, and sponsorship activations”. As well as working with the […]

Epic Games Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over “Fortnite” Accounts

Epic Games has a new court date on their hands as a class-action lawsuit has been filed against them over hacked Fortnite accounts. The entire ordeal started back in January 2019, when a bug inside the game exposed account information to millions of players. This included personal information like billing info and contact forms. The […]

Mechs Will be Sticking Around In "Fortnite" Even If Some Hate Them

Mechs Will Be Sticking Around In “Fortnite” Even If Some Hate Them

It appears that the mechs that came into Fortnite for Season X will be sticking around for a while, even if the players don’t enjoy them. The developers at Epic Games released a Competitive Update blog that talked about their inclusion into the game and how they’ve affected gameplay. This is what they had to […]

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch's Advertisements on His Former Channel Page

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch’s Ads On His Former Channel

On Sunday, the popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, vented his frustrations with Twitch’s handling of his former channel’s URL in a Twitter video post. Since his departure from the platform, Twitch has changed Ninja’s former home page to a channel recommendation list. This is out of the ordinary for the streaming giant. Often, when […]

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals will be making a triumphant return to TwitchCon San Diego this year, with some major cash prizes on the line for a few games. The company released a few details today letting fans and players know anyone could sign up. The big tournament this year will be an Apex Legends battle with $500k […]

Epic Games Launches “Fortnite” Season X: Out Of Time

Well, there was no better way to mess with people in Fortnite for Season X than to take things to a new extreme and add time into the mix. Epic Games launched their latest season with the theme “Out Of Time”, making the past a variable in a lot of the objectives. With the news […]

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Moves Over To Mixer As His Main Platform

Someone at Microsoft must have written a mighty big check as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced today he’s moving from Twitch over to Mixer. The Fortnite streamer revealed in both a press release and an official video (which we have below) letting fans know to head to the new location. Blevins will kick off his first […]

Epic Games Boasts Large Numbers For “Fortnite” World Cup

Epic Games is celebrating big today after the Fortnite World Cup turned in big numbers for them as an organization and as an event. One of the biggest being that it had over 40 million players participating from more than 200 countries. As the devs now look toward Season X, they’ve released the full list […]

Epic Games Teases “Fortnite” Season 10 During The World Cup Finals

Today during the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Epic Games revealed a little something to get fans excited as they teased Season 10 of the game. It didn’t really come with any fanfare or major spoilers, the company just made the reveal during the event, and then took to Twitter to show off the artwork you […]

"Fortnite" Streamer Ewok Becomes FaZe Clan's First Woman Creator

“Fortnite” Streamer Ewok Becomes FaZe Clan’s First Woman Creator

Some big news coming out of FaZe Clan this weekend as it was announced that Fortnite streamer Ewok has become their first woman content creator. Following the conclusion of the Duos tournament during the  Fortnite World Cup finals, FaZe Banks tweeted out the news that the talented gamer was now a part of the organization. […]

"Fortnite" Had A Giant Mech Vs. Kaiju Battle Yesterday

“Fortnite” Had A Giant Mech Vs. Kaiju Battle Yesterday

The latest event to strike the battle royale island of Fortnite this month saw a giant mech do battle with a kaiju, because what else is Epic Games going to do? For the past few days, there’s been a countdown timer going as a giant cat-shaped mech has been sitting on the coastline waiting for […]

Funko SDCC Exclusives 2019 Round 1: Marvel and TV!

Every Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusive in One Place

Funko Fanatics: your Super Bowl has arrived. This week is SDCC of course, and as always, the makers of Pop have brought an obscene amount of exclusives to the show. The good news for everyone is that more of them are shared exclusives than ever before. So, without further ado, here is every single exclusive […]

Former "Fortnite" Streamer Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Pregnant Wife

Former “Fortnite” Streamer Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Pregnant Wife

Near the end of 2018, a Twitch streamer by the name of MrDeadMoth was caught on stream with what sounded domestic abuse against his girlfriend. At the time we had little information about what transpired beyond the police report, especially after the incident when the streamer, real name Luke Munday, deleted all of his social […]

"Fortnite" and "Stranger Things" Will Be Doing A Crossover Event

“Fortnite” and “Stranger Things” Will Be Doing A Crossover Event

Well, we had to know it was coming sooner than later, as Fortnite and Stranger Things appear to be coming together for a crossover event. The announcement was made, first by the Stranger Things Twitter account, and then confirmed by the Fortnite Twitter account, with the graphic you see here. However, because everyone seems to […]

John Wick Skins And Gear Appear In The "Fortnite" Shop

John Wick Skins And Gear Appear In The “Fortnite” Shop

In case you’ve been waiting for all that sweet John Wick stuff to be readily available in Fortnite, your prayers have been answered this week. Epic Games have loaded these new costumes into their store and announced them on Twitter, ready for you to purchase if you feel so inclined. Male characters will get the […]


“Stargirl”: DC Universe Taps “Captain Marvel” Composer Pinar Toprak to Score Live-Action Series

DC Universe is looking to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a little divine musical inspiration, with the streaming service bringing aboard Captain Marvel composer Pinar Toprak (Fortnite) to score their live-action Stargirl series. Recently scoring the second season of SYFY’s Superman prequel series-with-a-twist Krypton, Toprak confirmed her involvement during an interview with Score: The Podcast. […]

The "Fortnite" 14 Days of Summer Event Kicks Off Today

The “Fortnite” 14 Days of Summer Event Kicks Off Today

We hope you have your sunscreen ready and your weapons loaded, as Fortnite will be kicking off their “14 Days Of Summer” event today. The devs released an entire laundry list of what will be happening during the event, some of which we’ve posted for you here. But basically, you’re going to have activities almost […]