Fortnite’s Been Installed On Nearly Half of All Nintendo Switches

In a sales report, Nintendo talked about their sales and revealed that Fortnite‘s been installed on nearly half of all Nintendo Switches.

credit//Epic Games

Fortnite‘s power is staggering. The game somehow continues to grow despite it seemingly having a share of everything already. The free Battle Royale mode is a huge presence in the games industry, not just available on everything from phones to PC, but also cross-platform between devices. It’s even big enough thatĀ PlayStation revised its stance on cross-console play, making it playable with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

On the latter, that’s a good thing, because the size of that audience is huge. During its recent financial briefing, Nintendo revealed that Fortnite has a huge presence on their system. In fact, it’s been installed on nearly half of all consoles. No specific number isĀ given, but it’s revealed later in the report that 22 million Switches have been sold. That means we are looking at about 10 million-ish downloads (probably). The report says:

Distribution of the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite Battle Royale from Epic Games began during E3 this past June, and since then it has shown up everywhere, not just in the US and Europe but also in Japan. It has gained so much momentum that it has been downloaded to nearly half of all Nintendo Switch systems worldwide.

Of course, it’s helps that the Battle Royale mode for the game is free. That means the buy-in isn’t there for players who are curious to just try it out. That said, it’s clear that Fortnite continues to have a huge presence across consoles, even ones it came to relatively late.