6 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Variants for Books That Aren’t Uncanny X-Men

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Marvel has unveiled the first 6 of their Uncanny X-Men relaunch variants. No, we’re not talking about the variants for Uncanny X-Men, of which we’ve seen approximately 8 billion skillion so far. These are variants commemorating the relaunch on other completely unrelated titles. We know it’s confusing. Try to follow along.

And hey, we have to admit, we’re feeling a little ripped off after seeing these variants by Alan Davis, Elizabeth Torque, John Cassaday, Nick Bradshaw, David Marquez, and Humberto Ramos. They’re all kind of way more exciting than the actual Uncanny X-Men #1 variants (the ones on the actual book). Some of them actually show some kind of action, which might actually entice a reader to pick up one of these books based on the cover.

Of course, they might be confused to find out that there’s nothing having to do with the X-Men inside the book.

Look, it’s comics. They don’t have to explain it.

There will be 20 variants of this kind in total, but you can see the first 6 below.

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