Marvel Refuses to Announce a Chris Claremont X-Men Ongoing at NYCC

Marvel Refuses to Announce a Chris Claremont X-Men Ongoing at NYCC

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Continuing to defy the wishes of fans, Marvel refused to announce an ongoing X-Men comic by legendary writer Chris Claremont at New York Comic Con Sunday. The publisher held its X-Men panel, the most important panel of the convention, without mentioning Claremont once until the very last question in the Q&A session, asked by Bleeding Cool’s own Madeline Ricchiuto. Ricchiuto, of course, asked about a Claremont ongoing. X-Editor Jordan White’s response:

He’s great, I love working with him, but we have nothing to announce.

White did tout Claremont’s standalone story in the Merry X-Man holiday special, and also said Claremont will be writing a side story tying into Extermination, providing no other details on that. But despite continuing to pay Claremont a retainer as an exclusive writer, keeping him from doing work for other comic book publishers, Marvel hasn’t allowed him to write an ongoing series since Nightcrawler ended, instead using him for occasional anthology stories or one-shots.

Speaking of one-shots, Claremont’s most recent return as writer of the X-Men Black: Magneto one-shot, according to Bleeding Cool’s weekly bestseller list, made it the highest-selling Marvel book of the week. X-Fans would buy a Claremont-written ongoing series. Why won’t Marvel give us one?

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