Jughead the Hunger vs. Vampironica, a Crossover for the Archie Horror Universe Because Comics

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We previously learned that failing to preorder Jughead: The Hunger could result in an early and gruesome death. But the latest announcement from Archie at New York Comic Con reveals an even grimmer fate for those who haven’t been keeping on top of the Archie Horror Universe: you could miss out on a chapter of a crossover!

That’s because Jughead: The Hunger and Vampironica are crossing over in 2019 in the appropriately named Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica. Frank Tieri will write with artists Pat and Tim Kennedy. Further details can be found in the press release copy below:

And Archie Horror has one more surprise up its sleeve next year — two popular series will collide in JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER VS. VAMPIRONICA! The mini-series, from the HUNGER creative team of writer Frank Tieri and artists Pat & Tim Kennedy, will be an all-fangs-bared fight to the gory finish as each world’s dominant monster faces a brutal challenge to the status quo. As Frank says, we can be pretty sure that “all hell breaks loose (maybe quite literally).”

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