Vampironica: New Blood #1 Preview

Archie Offers First Look at New Horror Series Vampironica: New Blood #1

Vampironica: New Blood is the upcoming series that finally asks the question: “what if Archie Comics published an Archie Horror series that came out on time?” Attempting to tackle this monumental task is a creative team consisting of Frank Tieri, Michael Moreci, Audrey Mok, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli, not to mention variant cover artists […]

Vampironica Returns

Vampironica Returns in December in New Blood by Frank Tieri, Michael Moreci, and Audrey Mok

Archie Comics has announced a new Vampironica series launching this December from the creative team of writers Frank Tieri and Michael Moreci, artist Audrey Mok, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli. Vampironica: New Blood follows 2018’s Vampironica mini-series and the current Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica mini-series that wraps up in October, spinning out […]

New Sabrina and Riverdale Headline Archie Comics March 2019 Solicitations

Archie Comics has released their solicitations for March 2019, headlined by the launch of a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch mini-series by Kelly Thompson, Veronica Fish, and Jack Morelli, as well as the launch of the Riverdale Season 3 companion comic. In addition, March will see new issues of Archie, Blossoms 666, and Jughead: The […]

Vampironica Returns in Previews of Tomorrow’s Archie Comics

Archie has released previews for tomorrow’s books, including a new issue of Vampironica. The long-awaited series was first announced in 2015 and finally kicked off earlier this year, only to have its 3rd and 4th issues canceled and resolicited, with Vampironica #4 getting Greg Scott as a guest artist. But let’s not get ahead of […]

Ch-Ch-Changes: Vampironica #4 Gets a New Release Date, Guest Art by Greg Scott

Back in 2015, Archie Comics first asked the question: who is Vampironica? But after finally announcing a new Vampironica series by Greg and Megan Smallwood over two years later back in December of 2017, fans were soon left asking instead, “where is Vampironica?” Vampironica #4 was originally solicited for July respectively, but that obviously didn’t […]

Batman ’66 Grooves into Archie Comics July 2018 Solicits

Prepare for some psychadelic reading material from Archie this July, as Batman ’66 crosses over with Archie under the creative team of Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci, Dan Parent, J. Bone, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli. Full details below. ARCHIE HORROR VAMPIRONICA #4 NEW ONGOING SERIES! The vampire siege on Riverdale begins! Will Veronica lead the town towards salvation… or […]

Comics 03/14/18

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter Podcast: March 14th, 2018 Releases

So, this one is going up a bit later than intended. Chalk it up to the world causing trouble for us at Bleeding Cool and getting in between you and your favorite comic book-centric reviews content. In any case, Jeremy Konrad and I had the chance to sit down and record a discussion about a number of […]


Vampironica #1 from Archie Comics Goes to Second Printing

As Archie Comics is reportedly investigating as to why Diamond Comic Distributors told retailers that their Vampironica series had been cancelled early (apparently it hasn’t been, just delayed until June), Vampironica #1 by Greg and Megan Smallwood and Jack Morelli has sold out and gone to second print for the 25th April. VAMPIRONICA #1 (W) Greg […]

Vampironica #3

Vampironica #3 and Catalyst Prime: Noble #10 Orders Cancelled, but Will Resolicit

The vampiric Veronica comic from Archie Comics, Vampironica, and the Catalyst Prime lead title Noble from Lion Forge have had all order for their third and tenth issues respectively cancelled by Diamond Comics, though the publishers promise they will resolicit orders in coming months — though it will have to be for July at the […]

Vampironica #1 Cover Greg Smallwood

Vampironica #1 Review: A Fun Action-Horror in Riverdale

A vampire attack at Cheryl Blossom’s party is stopped by a vampiric Veronica Lodge, and we are taken back three days. Veronica tries to get a date with Archie, but he already has plans with Betty. Ronnie lands a date with Reggie instead, but it’s interrupted by a diabolical intruder at the Lodge mansion. I […]

Cosmo Flies, Vampironica Returns, and so does Your Pal Archie- Archie March 2018 Solicits

The new action series, Cosmo, continus its run, Riverdale gets a Free Comic Book Day release, Vampironica returns as well as Your Pal Archie, and Archie gets a 1000-page collection release. All this and more comes from the Archie Comics March 2018 solicitations. Details below. FCBD 2018 –  RIVERDALE Set in the same universe as the hit CW series, this issue gives us […]


Greg and Megan Smallwood Resurrect Vampironica for Archie Horror

Vampironica is getting her own ongoing comic book from Archie Comics in 2018. As revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview at iO9, the brother and sister team of Greg and Megan Smallwood will bring the character to life in the pages of her own ongoing, lettered by Jack Morelli. Just how ongoing it will be remains […]

Archie Comics Asks – Who Is Vampironica?

Archie Comics has sent out this teaser image by Francesco Francavilla and asks the question, “Who is Vamperonica?” With the recent success of Afterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, this might be a character appearing in one of those comics or it may be a new series all together. I’m sure we’ll hear […]