Rob Liefeld Says the Deadpool Movies Are Better Than Any Deadpool Comic He’s Ever Read

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Rob freakin’ Liefeld. Time to rake in the clicks like it’s 1991 and we just launched X-Force.

donny cates rob liefeld

Alright, let’s see. We already wrote about how Rob will be involved in a “huge X-Men crossover” in 2019, so let’s just see what he’s talking about on Twitter today.

Ah, perfect! Readers, with the Disney takeover looming and the recent release of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer, Rob freakin’ Liefeld has been reflecting on the Fox era of X-Men and Fantastic Four films, considering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s what he had to say.

Ok, calm down Rob. We want to sell newspapers… er, generate clicks here, but there’s no need for saucy language.

And there’s our headline.

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