Talking About Teen Victorian Fairy Fight Club in First Look at Sparrowhawk #1

Talking About Teen Victorian Fairy Fight Club in First Look at Sparrowhawk #1

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BOOM! Studios has released the first look at Sparrowhawk #1, the first issue in a new five-issue mini-series by Delilah S. Dawson and Matias Basla. What’s it about, well, the first rule is that we’re not supposed to talk about “Teen Victorian Fairy Fight Club,” but BOOM! went and blew it in the press release, so who are we to argue?

Here’s some more:

Artemisia is the daughter of a Naval Captain born of two very different worlds and she’s never fit in with her father’s family, nor the high-class life to which they belong in the complicated time that is the Victorian Era of London, 1851. But Art’s about to pulled into another realm with even deadlier threats courtesy of the Faerie Queen and now must find a way to save her home world that has always hated her.

BOOM! Editor Chris Rosa was available late on a Friday afternoon to provide the obligatory press release quote:

No matter how times change, one thing remains true – the world fears those who are different and makes it hard for them to feel like they ever have a home. But SPARROWHAWK explores another equally timeless truth – that those same people the world persecutes are often the ones who work the hardest to make it a better place. This is a story about fighting back against the systems that seek to hold us down and the difference that one person can make…albeit with a whole lotta magic and whole lotta monsters!

Miguel Mercado does the main cover, with a variant by Stephanie Hans. Sparrowhawk #1 hits stores in October.

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