Marvel X-Editor Jordan White Wants to Reboot Excalibur, Give Longshot a Solo Series

Ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing Marvel X-Editor Jordan White must have had a busy day at the office Monday, nearly forgetting to engage in the weekly X-Men Monday promotion on Twitter until it was time for his commute home from work. As a result, White decided to hold a Q&A on Twitter during his ride home.

Though as a policy White refuses to answer spoilery questions, there were some interesting tidbits that could help readers understand the atmosphere in the X-offices and what we might expect from X-Men comics after the big Uncanny X-Men reboot is complete. Such as White’s favorite X-Men lineup:

Or which character he’d like to give a solo series to:

And more details on that:

Or his favorite group of X-students:

And more on X-kids:

On X-Men who go by their given names rather than code-names:

On who else Apocalypse would need to have eight horsemen:

Answering a celebrity question from Paul Tobin, White addressed the X-Men character he’d like to give a solo to… who’s never had one before:

On bringing back Artie and Leech:

The most underappreciated X-Man:

On whether the non-stop X-events plan to slow down next year:

On his appearance in Extermination #1:

On $10 comics:

On what he thought about M-Day:

On how he might align with Batman when it comes to spirituality:

On whether Marvel will ever tire of pitting heroes against heroes in super-mega-crossover events:

On the potential for an X-Men visual update:

On which classic series he’d like to reboot (which is a very real possibility following the Uncanny X-Men relaunch):

Some more details on that:

White wasn’t the only one tweeting about X-Men Monday in the X-offices. Incoming Uncanny X-Men writer Kelly Thompson also shared a few panels from this week’s Mr. and Mrs. X #2:

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