Marvel Reveals Leinil Yu and Edgar Delgado's Cover to Uncanny X-Men #2

Marvel Reveals Leinil Yu and Edgar Delgado’s Cover to Uncanny X-Men #2, Plus More Details

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Following up on this week’s reveal of the cover to Uncanny X-Men #1 accompanied by an interview with writer Matthew Rosenberg, Marvel has unveiled the cover to the series’ second issue by Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado. This time, Marvel interviewed Kelly Thompson, and they will presumably interview Ed Brisson tomorrow and unveil the cover to Uncanny X-Men #3 in order to keep things fair between the writers. What’s that? What about the artists? Well, they almost never get interviews.

In the interview, Thompson touches on the subject of collaboration:

I’ve done a co-write for Marvel before, but this is much more [about] three equal collaborators trying to come together to tell a great story. And collaborating like that comes with a price — there’s a lot of compromise, which can be tough, but you also get the benefit of a lot of different ideas and experiences. Fortunately for me, Matt and Ed are not only terrific writers but two of my best friends in the industry, so it’s been mostly a joy.

Thompson also reiterated what we’ve been hearing from the X-writers since they decided to kill off Honey Badger: that torturing the characters is what makes for a good X-Men comic, and if you don’t agree, then just look at poor Cyclops’ entire history!

I wish I could say writers don’t love putting characters we love through rough stuff… but I think that would be a bold-faced lie. [T]here’s nothing I like more than making people laugh and fall in love and then really making them feel something and be moved – which sometimes means tragedy – and then making them laugh again. I think we’ve got a great emotional narrative at the heart of this event. One that I hope fans will respond to.

Finally, Thompson promised that younger mutants will play a role in the story:

[A] few of the younger crew have really big juicy roles in this story too. And I love that.

Uncanny X-Men #1 hits stores on November 14th, kicking off a 10-part weekly story by Thompson, Rosenberg, Brisson, Mahmud AsrarR.B. SilvaYildiray Cinar, and Pere Perez.


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