Someone Designed a Nintendo Switch to Look Like a GameCube

Someone Designed a Nintendo Switch to Look Like a GameCube

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Today in the world of redesigning game consoles, someone took the time to create a Nintendo Switch that looks like GameCube. No, they didn’t break the thing to shape it into a box, though that would be impressive. They instead gave the console a fresh coat of paint, and it actually looks pretty good.

The photo here came from a user named Madmorda on BitBuild, who took the time to recreate their favorite Nintendo console in the form of a modern one. The shade of purple they chose is perfect, but let’s examine the entire system itself.


They threw in the color scheme of the buttons to where they would probably fit on a Switch, including making the right joystick yellow and shaving it down to appear like the C controller to match that of the GameCube’s stick. Add a touch of grey to the rest of the buttons to match and a quick paint job on the joy-con attachments, and voila.

This is a mighty impressive design — so much so that we wish we had a copy. So Nintendo, if you’re watching, you might wanna take some notes as this guy just gave you another license to print money with your own properties.

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