Did Marvel Just Tease the Return of Uncanny X-Men?

Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston has already checked off one of the X-announcements on his “2018 San Diego Comic-Con pip pip you heard it here first checklist,” but we’re still waiting for the big one: Uncanny X-Men #1.

Of course, you’ve heard our hopes on what they might do with it: let Chris Claremont write something, ferchrissakes. Why would you employ the greatest comic book writer of all time under an exclusive contract and only have him write something every few years?!

In recent years, Marvel’s X-books have been increasingly fractured, with four current ongoing team X-Men books running — X-Men Red, X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, and Astonishing X-Men — in addition to books for individual characters or spinoff teams. We know that Blue and Gold are both ending in September, which would make for the perfect time to bring back Uncanny X-Men to anchor the line. And if we had our way, make it a weekly oversized anthology book with two or three ongoing stories and fold the other titles into it… but we won’t hold our breath for that part.

Whatever happens, we’re expecting an Uncanny X-Men #1 to be announced, one way or the other. And now, perhaps, we know when. Marvel sent out the following tweet, hashtagged #MarvelComics lest you fools mistake this for something to do with Fox’s X-Men movie rights, and promising something X-related for the fall, to be announced on Sunday at the X-Men panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

That gives us several days to milk some more articles out of it before it’s confirmed, so stay tuned to Bleeding Cool all weekend, folks!

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