Brian Michael Bendis Went Over His Page Count for Man of Steel #6

Brian Michael Bendis Went Over His Page Count for Man of Steel #6

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Tomorrow, readers of Man of Steel will finally get to see what the hell happened in that flashback sequence drawn by Jason Fabok that’s been repeated in every issue so far, but they’ll also be getting something else as a bonus: free extra pages. “The Great One” Brian Michael Bendis was interviewed by, and he spoke about how, after he was unable to stick to his allotted page count for the final issue of the weekly mini-series, DC Publisher Dan DiDio decided to give the extra pages to fans as reward for supporting the first five issues.

Man of Steel #6 is thirty pages of Jay Fabok artwork. It is almost a double-sized issue for the original price. We are not charging extra. I went over my page count, and Dan DiDio said, “Ah, let’s just give it to them for free for supporting the book.”

That’s all he ever said about it. There wasn’t a press release or anything about the extra pages, so I feel it’s incumbent upon me to tell everybody, “Hey, this book’s double-sized, and Dan just went with it!” It’s cool and part of what I love about comics, and I just wanted to share that. It feels big and it gave us the moment for the intimacy that we needed, so I was very grateful. Dan rewarded my unprofessionalism once again.

Bendis also talked about the hazards of collaborating with so many artists:

It was also a chance to hire some of the best who have ever done it that I had never worked with before, and that got really exciting. Of the six artists, I’d only worked with Kevin [Maguire] before. I’d never worked with any of the others. So, not only was it exciting, it was scary and dangerous because as anyone who’s ever done this can tell you, collaborations can be very intimate, exciting and explosive. Things can blow up, or they can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You don’t know what’s going to happen. In this situation, what I didn’t see coming was that the artists themselves would start an email chain and inspire each other on just a pure, artistic level to do the best work of their lives. Adam [Hughes] and Kevin had already told me, “What I’d like to do is the best Superman comic I could ever do. I haven’t done that and I want to do it before I die.”

Man of Steel #6 is in stores tomorrow. Check out a preview below:

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