Nick Derington Joins “The Great One” Brian Michael Bendis on Walmart-Exclusive Batman Comic

A lot of people were surprised this morning to read on Bleeding Cool that Walmart would soon be selling an exclusive series of monthly anthology titles from DC Comics, and they were even more surprised that “The Great One” Brian Michael Bendis and Tom King had seemingly switched roles, with King writing a Superman story and “The Great One” working on a twelve-part Batman story. Perhaps they were even more surprised that both King and Bendis’s stories were announced with no artist, as artists are typically integral to the comic creation process.

Well, on Twitter this afternoon, Bendis resolved that mystery early by revealing that the artist for his story will be Nick Derington, who was previously the artist of Doom Patrol with writer Gerard Way, a book which was plagued by a comically ridiculous number of delays before the entire Young Animal line went on hiatus. Bask in the glory of Derington’s Batman:

Bendis also offered some insight into what else we might expect from the story:

Classic “Great One.” Bendis and Derington’s story kicks off in the Walmart-Exclusive Batman 100 Page Giant #3, which will apparently ship in September. We all wish this new venture the best of luck, for the good of the industry. Well, maybe not all of us.

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