DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths 100-Page Giant to Tie-In with CW Crossover

DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths 100-Page Giant to Tie-In with CW Arrowverse Crossover

Extreme corporate synergy coming your way, courtesy of Walmart! Much has been said about the shipping schedule of DC’s 100-Page Giants, originally EX-X-XCLUSIVE to Walmart, then made available to comic shops (albeit shortly after their Walmart release), but setting aside all that drama for a moment, what about the content? DC Comics has revealed exactly […]

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The Marvel Variant Covers at Walmart are “True” Variant Covers Now

Walmart started putting Marvel 3 Packs in stores a few years ago, and in response DC upped the commitment starting up the new Giant line that used to be Walmart exclusive, and now is early shipped to Walmart with variant covers. Marvel responded a few months back by selling Walmart a new approach for the […]

DC Comics Sell 10 Comics For $10 at Walmart

Walmart Now Selling 10-Packs of DC Giant-Size Comics For $10

Prices of the DC Giant 100-Page Walmart Exclusives have been known to jump on the aftermarket. Comic stores in the UK who get them on the grey market, charge up to $20 a piece for the $6 books. It’s possible that the price may be about to fall. As Walmart and DC seem to be […]

The Game Steaming Service Super Bowl is Coming to E3

Video game streaming services are all the rage this year, with a ton of games announcing their own services, with many planning for big E3 reveals. And while it may not be CleganeBowl, it looks like the gaming world is about to have it’s own special ripoff of the Super Bowl at E3 this year. […]

Bethesda Softworks is Giving Away Rage 2 Walmart Leak Controllers

Bethesda Softworks is Giving Away Rage 2 Walmart Leak Controllers

Let it never be said that Bethesda Softworks doesn’t have a sense of humor about things, especially when it came to all the Rage 2 leaks. Last year a few weeks before E3 2018, the Canadian Walmart website leaked the reveal of Rage 2 before Bethesda could show off the proper trailer and more at […]

Walmart Is In Talks to Create a Streaming Gaming Service

Like a lot of things in life, the last thing you really want to see come around the neighborhood is a Walmart. But that may be what’s going to happen to gaming. US Gamer had the exclusive news this morning detailing how the retail giant has been hitting up developers and publishers to create a […]

DC Comics to End Their Exclusive Walmart 100-Page Giant Comics Line

Over the last year, DC Comics has been publishing an exclusive line of 100 Page Giant Comics through Walmarts- first four a month and recently six a month-  Superman, Batman, Flash, Titans, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman. Each features reprint material across DC’s line as well as brand new exclusive-to-Walmart stories by some of DC Comics’ leading and […]

9 DC Predictions for 2019

As we dive headlong into what’s sure to be the unprecedented @#$%show of 2019, it’s time to start the new year off right by making wild predictions about the comics industry which no one will remember if we get them wrong, but which we’ll be able to brag about through 2020 if we get any […]