ARMS Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary With… A Photo?

This week marks the one-year anniversary for ARMS dropping on the Nintendo Switch, and how they decided to celebrate was kind of a letdown. It’s kind of become traditional for video games when they celebrate anniversaries to have some kind of event or special download or just simply anything added tot he game as a token of appreciation to people who have enjoyed playing it this entire time. But not this time around, as all we got from Nintendo was a post on the game’s official Twitter account was a picture of them having a party.

If you like the picture, that’s cool. But considering all the hype that went into the game leading up to its release, you’d think Nintendo would have done more to celebrate it than just a drawing. But then again, this kind of feels par-for-the-course after Nintendo announced they would no longer be adding updates to the game. It feels like the company is disappointed it didn’t do better, and rather than put resources into it to attract people or maybe build a proper esports community around it, they’ve just let it slowly slide into obscurity. Cue the sad Nickleback song.

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