Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announced and it Brings Every Fighter Ever from the Series to the Game

Nintendo has detailed the previously revealed Super Smash Bros, showing it off now with the name Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Nintendo had a stellar first year on the Switch, seeing a whole bevvy of massive exclusives to put together what might have been one of the strongest launch years of all time. Because of that, this year has felt just a little less impressive. However, there is one massive pillar standing for the console this year and that is Smash.

The game was finally outlined better during the game’s E3 presentation, now with the name Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. And it comes with a huge feature. The game will feature every character ever included in the Super Smash games. Yup, that includes Bayonetta and, of course, Solid Snake. These aren’t just being ported over though. The characters have seemingly seen significant work done, all of them having new moves and even separate versions of characters. There are even things as Echo Fighters, which are very similar to other fighters but have a couple more changes than just cosmetics, such as Daisy who is an echo of Peach.

As previously announced Inkling is coming into the fight too, who will be able to ink other characters to cause more damage.

Finally, it was said that players shouldn’t expect too many new fighters this time around, what with the huge roster already, but before leaving it was announced that Metroid’s Ridley would be joining the fight this time around. 

Oh, and of course. The game is out December 7, 2018. Now that’s all your lot. If you want to catch the motherload of information shown here, take a look at the whole 25 minute presentation here.