PS4 is in the Final Stages of its Life Says Sony Interactive CEO

PS4 is in the Final Stages of its Life Says Sony Interactive CEO

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PlayStation head John Kodera has hinted this console generation might be coming to an end and that the PS4 is on the final stretch of its life.

There have been murmurs brewing recently that the current console generation might be on its last legs. Several little tidbits about a PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox have been whirling in the rumour mill, and if you look at previous console generations, were only a couple years away from when the systems generally get a refresh.

Well, it seems we even have some official word on this too, indicating we only have so much time until a PlayStation 5. Speaking at Sony’s Investor Relations Day, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera spoke about the console’s life. Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki reported that Kodera said the console is in the last phase of its life, and that means investors probably should expect a fewer sales moving forward.

It was however noted that we could expect more exclusive titles for all the active Sony platforms though, so I don’t expect support for the console to be ending any time soon.

This will undoubtedly hit the community in a mixed way. With the PlayStation Pro hitting relatively recently, some will wonder if this is too soon. I can’t say it feels like games are being held back by the current hardware either, so the question of ‘do we need a PlayStation 5?’ is well founded. At the same time, the prospect of new consoles is always pretty exciting. Now the guessing game starts with when we might think that consoles will release. I got 2020.

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