Gamevice Requests a Cease and Desist Against Nintendo Over the Switch

Nintendo is currently having to deal with Gamevice yet again, for the second time in a calendar year. The company has filed claims against Nintendo over the Nintendo Switch with the United States International Trade Commission. Reuters is reporting that “certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components” are in violation to their own patented products.

If you’re not familiar with Gamevice, they’re a company that makes attachments for mobile phones and other devices to help make them better for gamers, like attachable joysticks and buttons. Basically, they’re trying to claim that Nintendo design for the Switch’s Joy-Con is in violation of their own designs.

Nintendo Switch Red Blue

The company filed once before back in August claiming that the Switch resembled their Wikipad product, but eventually dropped their case. This time around, it appears the USITC is actually going to look into the matter, as the government organization has posted the details on their official website over the matter. The cease and desist request is to try to ban Nintendo from shipping units into the U.S., which probably isn’t going to happen, but we’re still probably a few weeks to a couple of months out from hearing a decision on the matter either way.

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