Nerd Food: Pureral Gummy Apple Snack from Japan Crate

Nerd Food: Pureral Gummy Apple Snack from Japan Crate

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For the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying the snacks I’ve received in my Japan Crate. Most of them have been solid snacks that I would buy again, but then I tried the Pureral Gummy Apple snack.

The package says it’s Fuji Apple flavor, which I normally like. The gummy itself isn’t so awful-looking either. But then I tried it. It’s a mixture of gummy and what texturally looks like those candy peanuts you get from the discount candy rack. Taste-wise it does indeed taste like an apple, but I couldn’t get beyond the texture. I like gummy candy, but this was too much for me. Thankfully my boyfriend ate the rest so they didn’t go to waste, but this was a hard pass for me.

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