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Mikan Gummy from Japan Crate

Nerd Food: Mikan Gummy from Japan Crate

The mikan is a small citrus fruit from Japan, also known as the satsuma orange. These pack a lot of flavor and are pretty good for you, and since they fall in the citrus family, most westerners will likely be warm to the idea of eating them. Sometimes you can find mikan in your local […]

japan crate banana omelette

Nerd Food: Banana Omelette Cake from Japan Crate

Bananas are some of my favorite fruit. They’re healthy for you, and they have a nice, mild sweet taste. These banana omelette cakes from Japan Crate were enticing, but were they any good? Clearly these aren’t egg and banana omelettes, as one might think — they’re little cakes folded over with banana cream inside! These […]

japan crate melon cream soda

Nerd Food: Gabunomi Melon Cream Soda from Japan Crate

Gabunomi Melon Cream Soda. Yep, that’s what I tried today. Yep, it was weird. In theory it’s supposed to taste like an ice cream float in a bottle. In practice it tastes like sugary syrup and regret. Seriously — this was not good. I normally like Japanese snacks and drinks, but this made me want […]

japan crate chips

Nerd Food: Suppamucho Plum-Flavored Chips from Japan Crate

In short, these are plum-flavored chips. Seriously, guys. Plums. I was hesitant about trying them (though generally speaking I love ume — umeboshi onigiri is my favorite food), but because I love you and nerd food, I had to do what I had to do. The smell is sour and sweet and will literally punch […]

japan crate mochi

Nerd Food: Mochitto Ichigo from Japan Crate

Oh my gosh, I love mochi. It’s one of my favorite Japanese treats. Not sure what mochi is? Well, according to Google… Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. I’ve had mochi filled with ice cream, red bean, green bean, and more. This time I’m having it with a […]

japan crate plum candy

Nerd Food: Dragon Plum Candy from Japan Crate

Traditional Japanese candy and cuisine have been a staple in my diet for some time. I know I’ve been talking about Japan Crate a lot lately, and for good reason. They send over unique and fun Japanese snacks, which also includes traditional candy — such as this Dragon Plum candy! I’ve never had Dragon Plum […]

Nerd Food: Pureral Gummy Apple Snack from Japan Crate

Nerd Food: Pureral Gummy Apple Snack from Japan Crate

For the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying the snacks I’ve received in my Japan Crate. Most of them have been solid snacks that I would buy again, but then I tried the Pureral Gummy Apple snack. The package says it’s Fuji Apple flavor, which I normally like. The gummy itself isn’t so awful-looking either. […]

hello kitty lollipop japan crate

Nerd Food: Peach Hello Kitty Lollipop from Japan Crate

I’m still getting through my Japan Crate from March 2018, which is a testament to how much they send you every month. I already reviewed the Kagabo Hojicha Green Tea Latte and Pandaro Cookies, and today I’m enjoying an impossibly cute lollipop with everyone’s favorite Japanese mascot: Hello Kitty! This peach-flavored “gem” shaped lollipop was just […]

hojicha japan crate

Nerd Food: Kagabo Hojicha Green Tea Latte from Japan Crate

Milk teas have been my jam for some time, so when I got this Hojicha Latte in this month’s Japan Crate I was actually really excited for it. Hojicha is a green tea that’s roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. This gives it a toasty, caramel flavor, which pairs well with milk. You can […]

pandaro cookies japan crate

Nerd Food: Pandaro Cookies from Japan Crate

I have a love for Japanese snacks that have mascots on them. It makes the snack that much more fun to eat — plus, it’s appealing to the eye. My next snack from this month’s Japan Crate box are these simply adorable Pandaro Cookies! These cute snack-sized pouches feature a variety of Pandaro’s moods. I […]

japanese taro

Nerd Food: Okonomiyaki Taro Japanese Snacks

Recently I subscribed to Japan Crate, and today I got my first box! I love Japanese snacks and food, so this was a no-brainer for me. Once a month I get a box full of Japanese snacks and a drink, and I go nuts. This month I got a variety of delicious snacks, and I […]