Epic Games Says New Fortnite Maps Aren’t a Priority

Fortnite probably isn’t going to be expanding its map pool for some time as lead designer Eric Williamson has said that the team is putting its priorities elsewhere in development.


The map in Fortnite is well and truly established at this point. Much like Erangel in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it has become such a staple for so long that it is now synonymous with the game. Tilted Towers is always going to be a spicy drop, while  Moisty Mire is one of the more reliably quiet. These town names are all part of the nomenclature of the game, with the map now ingrained in player’s heads.

However, competitor PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now moving onto its third map, while Fortnite has not made any moves past updating the current layout. It seems that might be the case for a little while longer too. Speaking on IGN’s Expert Mode show (via PCGamesN), lead designer Eric Williamson has said that while a new map has been talked about, the team is currently more focused on working on the current one. He said:

There’s no urgency to create a new map right now, it’s not something we’re getting a sense of urgency for. It’s not a priority right now.

He added:

Continuing to evolve and make the [current] map feel fresh is something we are very excited and interested about.

It’s interesting to see Fortnite fall back onto just the one map goal, but there is no reason it couldn’t work. Dota 2 only ever had one map and it continues to change and evolve. Will the player base at some point want something completely new? We will have to see on that one.