Streamer Summit1g Loses Fans after Streaming Fortnite with Jake Paul


Twitch streamer Summit1g has experienced some backlash from his fanbase after making the decision to stream a few rounds of Fortnite with controversial YouTuber Jake Paul. The Paul Brothers have attempted to join the Fortnite community before, and it didn’t work out well then either.

Unfortunately for Summit1g, the hostility toward Jake Paul has been transferred over to him in the form of complaints on Twitch and Twitter. Summit1g has since expressed disappointment in his fan base, thinking “the 1g squad was a little bit different.”

As IGN reports:

“I played like 5 end of the night squad games with Jake Paul and his friends last night,” he said on a now deleted Twitter post after the stream. “I had fun, everyone is p**sed. And you know what Twitter? You disappoint me. Sup. I expect apologies raining in quick now. You messed up.”

“You lost me as a fan for this,” one Twitter user said. “[Paul] is trash.”

Summit1g’s subsequent responses to the revolt were defensive, which disappointed fans on his subreddit.  “Don’t care who he plays with, but I unfollowed him today when I saw how he was acting towards the people who support him financially,” reads the most upvoted comment. Others were more forgiving, with one fan claiming that “humans weren’t built to deal with the stresses of streamer life.”

While Summit1g is fully capable of playing Fortnite with whomever he decides to form a squad with, Jake Paul is a pretty controversial figure in general. His previous attempts to join Fortnite and the subsequent disapproval of Twitch fans should have probably tipped Summit off that the stream would not go well. And for streamers, making unpopular decisions often ends up hitting them where it hurts: their sub count and pocketbook.

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