Jake Paul


Streamer Summit1g Loses Fans after Streaming Fortnite with Jake Paul

Twitch streamer Summit1g has experienced some backlash from his fanbase after making the decision to stream a few rounds of Fortnite with controversial YouTuber Jake Paul. The Paul Brothers have attempted to join the Fortnite community before, and it didn’t work out well then either. Unfortunately for Summit1g, the hostility toward Jake Paul has been transferred over to him […]

Fortnite Logan Paul

Jake and Logan Paul Attempt to Join Fortnite, and It Does Not Go Well

Brothers Jake and Logan Paul started up a Twitch channel and attempted to get in on the fun of Epic Games’ Fortnite. As anyone with a brain could have predicted, it did not go well. The Paul brothers aren’t known as gamers, but contentious YouTube vloggers. But the lure of Fortnite is strong — even Drake has gotten in on […]