Comic Shop Pop Roc, Owned by a WWE Wrestler, Opens on Friday in NY

Pop Roc, a New Kind of Comic Shop Owned by a WWE Wrestler, Opening in New York on Friday

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Pop Roc is the name of a new comic shop opening on 337 East Ave, Rochester, New York, previously a Magic Wings. But it’s also a coffee shop. And a cereal bar. And, frankly, a brand-new type of comic shop.

And it’s co-owned by former WWE Crash Test Dummy Colin Delaney, alongside Jason Hilton, Nick Andolina, and Liz Andolina.

Opening on Friday, they will have original coffees from local roasters Fifth Frame and CanalTown, Death Wish coffee (which contains the highest amount of caffeine allowed), and a wall of energy drinks — as well as mocktinis formed from them.

Hilton’s collection of toys will be repurposed as décor, and Pop Roc will offer a comic discovery program that offers some comics for free to anyone and others to those who pay $20 a month. The program allows you to read what you want in store from 20 chosen titles a week, and eventually those comics will be donated. Seriously. They say:

Our “Comic Discovery Program” will let you read brand new books, the day they come out, before you buy them. Try that at any other comic shop at your own risk.

This allows you to read books you may have never gotten a chance to read. Maybe you never even thought you wanted to read but suddenly find yourself unable to put it down. Maybe you just couldn’t afford to read those title and now you can.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

We will offer around 20 new titles a week in the program. That’s up to 80 titles a month. If you’re doing the math, that’s well over a $300 a month value.

Hopefully people will sit and drink some coffee, energy drinks or even have a bowl of cereal. You could also grab one of the latest Funko Pops, an old school G1 Transformer or one of our exclusive fanny packs. All while being able to just sit, read or watch some cool cartoons.

Which means the famous cry from comic shop owners, “hey, this isn’t a lending library,” can now be countered with the riposte, “kinda is.”

Don’t spill your fruit loops on them though.

Anyone fancy going along to the opening on Friday? Colin Delaney is suggesting there may be some surprise guests.

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