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Collectors Assemble Buys 25-Year-Old Comic Connections Store in Banbury

Collectors Assemble Buys Banbury’s 25-Year-Old Comic Connections Comics Shop

You’ll have read about Comic Connections, the only surviving comic book shop in Oxfordshire, on Bleeding Cool a few times. Opened in Banbury in 1994m it has run for over 25 years by its owner and founder, Glyn Smith, has just celebrated his 63rd Birthday. Well, Glyn wants to make sure that Oxfordshire’s longest-running and […]

Destination Venus, Harrogate’s Only Comic Shop, is Inside the Cinema

Coming home from Thought Bubble at Harrogate, I happened to pop by the town’s only comic shop – and it was a revelation. Destination Venus as a comic store has been around for years, but in recent years was bought out by Regie Rigby, who uses to write the Fool Britannia column that ran alongside […]

Comic Book Heroes, the Latest Independent Store for Romford Shopping Hall

Comic Book Heroes, the Latest Independent Store for Romford Shopping Hall

We posted about one comic store closing down in Essex, England over the weekend. Well, nature it seems abhors a vacuum. And as that store was shutting, another new comic book store Comic Book Heroes was opening down the road at the Romford Shopping Hall in Havering, on the border of London and Essex. Located […]

Goodbye, West Village Comics (NYC)?

Goodbye, West Village Comics (NYC)?

Unfortunately, another local comic shop is closing down. Manned by Kurt Bollers, West Village Comics is closing down this coming Sunday, September 29th. Opening June 30th 2018, while short lived, the shop was a nice little hobby spot where fans went to pick up their books and discover hard to find and rare back issues […]

Buy the Contents of a British Comic Shop For $3,657.90

Buy the Entire Contents of a British Comic Shop For $3,657.90

The continuing crash of pound sterling thanks to Brexit may give some people investment opportunities otherwise denied them. Take The Base, a comic book and collectables store from Stourbridge in the UK. They never seemed to open again after closing for Christmas. And they are currently listing the entire contents of the store on eBay. […]

Close Encounters Sees $19,000 Comics Burn in Comic Store Fire

Close Encounters Sees $19,000 of Comics Go Up in Smoke, in Comic Store Fire

Close Encounters, a well known and long-running comic store in Bedford, England, suffered a fire last week, believed to be caused by an electrical fault, damaging their entire storeroom stock. Jeff Chahal, the business’s co-owner, told the BBC that thousands of comics have been left “unsellable” due to fire damage. That he does not know […]

Comic Store In Your FUture - But You'd Have to be Nuts to Open One Today

Comic Store In Your Future – But You’d Have to be Nuts to Open One Today

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. Nuts. Currently that is how I feel the comic market is right now and if someone wanted to open a new comic store I would think they were nuts. Eight years of Rodman Comics and I will admit years ago I never thought it would […]

Will Corey Feldman Work In A Comic Shop On Free Comic Book Day?

Do you remember when Corey Feldman worked in a comic book store? The actor is currently trying to raise $105,000 to complete an album he’s been working on for 10 years. And will do pretty much anything for the cash. — and he’ll do pretty much whatever you want to get the money. $10 […]

Rob Williams To Write Jim Lee’s Suicide Squad #InStoreKickOff #ConKickOff2016

Kevin White talked to DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee to kick off the In Store Convention Kick Off, streaming to stores across the USA. Jim Lee talked about how at DC Comics they are focusing on the periodical line, getting readers into comic stores every Wednesday and how keeping that level of excitement is critical […]

Exclusive Comics For In-Store Convention Kick-Off Already Allocated To Stores

The In-Store Convention Kick-Off on March 5th will see a number of stores running streaming live video presentations from creators and publishers to comic book stores across North America. They currently include Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Marguerite Bennet, Scottie Young, Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Šejić. Alongside the event, participating stores will also be selling […]

Boom’s Jonesy #1 Is The First In-Store Convention Kickoff Title

The Instore Convention Kick-Off is upon us. An event, held simultaneously in comic stores across the land, with live streaming presentations from publishers and creators. This year its hosted by Kevin White on March 5th with power couple Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction already named as participants. The event will also provide exclusive variant titles sold […]