The Nazi Cosplay That Anime Matsuri Tolerated… Until Someone Noticed

It wasn’t that long ago that Nazi costumes weren’t unknown in cosplay — whether part of an Indiana Jones troop or backing up the Red Skull. But these days storm troopers have been replaced with stormtroopers, and swastikas have been placed in the bin alongside plastic AK-47s. Unless you live in Taiwan.

Except, it seems, at this weekend’s Anime Matsuri show, where this chap was seen strutting about like the Fourth Reich is about to kick off.

As the tweeter points out, the show does have rules about just this sort of thing.

It was also pointed out that this fellow appeared in costume on a panel, telling jokes about the Holocaust and reading out Anne Frank fanfic at the Terrible Fanfiction panel.

Some folk tried to do something…

But it didn’t seem to take.

Today, the show made comment.

That’s right folk, they are searching for Nazis at Anime Matsuri.

Do cosplay shows really need specific “no Nazis, no swastikas” signs at the entrance along with everything else?

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