The Cosplay Of Winter Comiket 97 in Tokyo

The Cosplay Of Comiket Winter 97 in Tokyo

The closure of the Tokyo Big Sight complex this winter had led to a smaller Comiket than usual – but still making it the biggest comics culture event on the planet with half a million in attendance. So many people can make some cosplay performances look rather distressing… コミケの闇をご覧くださいwwww@66TBattery @5atan19 #コミケ97 #コミケ97コスプレ #コミケの闇 #コミケ3日目 […]

Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

Visiting Amazicon 2019; The Intimate Con That Could Plus Cosplay Pictures

With convention season winding down in the US, I ventured up to Essington, PA, for one more show, Amazicon. This year’s guests included Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman, and Phil Paley of Land of the Lost, and more. For the seventh year in a row, this intimate convention appealed […]


Cosplay Left Me Before I Left the Cosplay Community [OPINION]

So this is the true story of why I left the cosplay community… You may want to put your seatbelt on, because this story is going to get a little bumpy. Now, if you’re unaware, cosplay is a hobby where people dress up as in costumes, generally of characters from comics or movies or tv […]


COSPLAY 9-1-1: 5 Things This Cosplayer Needs You to Know Before NYCC [OPINION]

Hi there! This is your friendly neighborhood cosplay kid here, Always Adriel Cosplay. I’m not in the game so much anymore, but before I was a world-renowned television commentator/reviewer for Bleeding Cool? I was super active in it not so long ago and still hold costuming, conventions, and the culture close to my heart. For […]

A Little Cosplay at Notting Hill Carnival 2019

A Little Cosplay at Notting Hill Carnival For Children’s Day

It was the Children’s’ Day today at Notting Hill, which means the big floats and costumes will be saved for tomorrow’s glorious sunshine. But on the streets of Notting Hill away from the floats, there seemed a new interloper. Cosplay. Oh, people always dress up, but this year there seemed to be more of a […]

CBR, and a Little Weekend Cosplay Shaming

CBR, and a Little Weekend Cosplay Shaming

I used to write for Comic Book Resources when it was called Comic Book Resources, rather than CBR. You may remember a little Monday morning column I wrote for them called Lying In The Gutters. Bleeding Cool, created by Avatar Press, exists as a direct result of that. It was sold by my then-boss Jonah […]

Cosplay mcm London Comic Con

60 Cosplay Photos and One Video From MCM London Comic Con Spring 2019

I just had the chance to take a run around outside and inside at MCM London Comic Con 2019 happening the weekend, with an eye on the cosplay. A video below and a gallery of about 60 shots. This is of course a tiny fraction of the thousands of cosplay on display today – it’s […]

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Captain Marvel to Bowie: FanX Cosplay Highlights

The 2019 spring Salt Lake City FanX Comic Convention has wrapped on April 20th. Salt Lake City Utah hosts one of the most active and vibrant cosplay communities in the country, and they turn out when convention time rolls around with creative and elaborate costumes spanning fandoms and generations. Between conventions they host numerous meetups […]

ANOVOS Continues to Make Collectors Mad With New Refund Policy

ANOVOS Continues to Make Collectors Mad With New Refund Policy

ANOVOS, high-end costume and prop maker mostly known for their Star Wars products, is in hot water yet again from collectors and the cosplay community. After many years of broken promises and long waits for information on products, not to mention extremely long waits for refunds, they have now posted a message on their website […]

From Galactus to Spider-Ham: 81 Cosplay Photos from C2E2 Day One

Its the first day of C2E2 and the cosplay abounds! Here is just a sample of the excellent costumes around the convention from Robert Goode, and social media. Rich adds: Thanks Robert, and here’s some more going round on social media… Great array of cosplayers at our #MarvelC2E2 cosplay photo op! #AgentMLovesC2E2 #C2E2 — […]

Over 100 Cosplay Photos From Emerald City Comic Con [ECCC 2019]

All praise to Judd Morse, at Emerald City Comic Con ECCC 2019 for Bleeding Cool, and taking shows like a madman through the show. If you find yourself in this gallery, let us know in the comments. Ad let us know your favourites as well… The Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), formerly the Emerald City […]

ALA Arson

Updated: 7 Cars Destroyed by Arson at ALA, Cosplayer’s Stalker Suspected

Update Jan 14th: Added information about Toyotome’s bail amount and his arrest sheet. What started as a smooth weekend for Anime Los Angeles (ALA) at the Ontario Convention Center turned dangerous as an individual set fire to a car in the parking lot of the adjacent Azure Hotel & Suites. The fire spread and destroyed several […]

An Ongoing Cosplay Gallery from Anime Los Angeles, ALA

Happening right now at the Los Angeles Convention Center- Anime Los Angeles, aka ALA. Here is an ongoing gallery (that we’ll be updating as our guest photographer updates) from Ellen Towne, who was kind enough to get us run her expanding gallery of cosplay from the event:

We Witnessed The Wastelanders Ball 2019; Kinda Like a ‘Mad Max’ Prom

Imagine if you will- The Wasteland of Mad Max, but fancy as f**k with ballgowns made from parts of rusted cars and tuxedos out of hazmat suits – thats’ The Wastelanders Ball. Put on by the same team who are responsible for the 5-day Wasteland Weekend event in September, the Wastelanders Ball is sort of a […]