Report Claims Fortnite Mobile Made Over $1 Million in it's First Three Days

Report Claims Fortnite Mobile Made Over $1 Million in it’s First Three Days

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A new report claims that Epic Games’ Fortnite grossed over $1 million dollars in its first 72 hours on mobile, despite the game only being in beta.

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It’s no secret that Fortnite is basically the biggest gaming property in the world right now. The free-to-play portion of the game has been taking over the console and PC games market for a couple months now, carving out itself a massive audience. It’s one of the biggest phenomena in gaming in a long time, and its audience is about to expand quite significantly too. The game is currently in an invite only event for mobile, which sees the full experience come to iOS (and later Android). Perhaps unsurprisingly, that has done exceedingly well.

Despite the game being invite only on only on one mobile service, it seemingly made over $1 million in just three days. That’s according to Sensor Tower (via VG247), the version of the game has generated a total of $1.5 million so far with over 66% of that coming in the first 72 hours. Of course, this is only the mobile version of the game too. The game will be generating tons more money across various platforms, and when the mobile version opens its doors to everyone, not needing a sign-up and the Android market, it’s only bound to generate even more.

What this all adds up to is unclear so far but I don’t think we have to be too worried about Fortnite‘s financial stability anytime soon.

Perhaps the best thing about this is that these items truly are cosmetic. The full game, the gaming experience, will be there to play without having to put any money in. It’s good to see that people are willing to support the game they enjoy though. Hopefully, that continues as the full game and mode continues to grow.

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