New Pokémon Job Listing Gives Hints to Nintendo Switch Game

New Pokémon Job Listing Gives Hints to Nintendo Switch Game

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It’s no secret that there’s a brand-new Pokémon game on the way for the Nintendo Switch, but everything else you could possibly want to know about the game is shrouded in mystery. As well it should be, since we’re all hoping it will be a proper Pokémon game. However, a new job listing went up on Glassdoor that may shed some light on what we may be looking at. The job is for a Video Game Editor with a two-year contract, specifically set to be editing material such as “game text, strategy guides and manuals, press releases and marketing materials, and more,” according to the listing.

The shorthand version of this info is that they’re looking for someone who can handle all of the written assets prior to, during, and after launch. The two-year contract is most likely covering the company’s bases for any DLC that may happen after it gets released, which if the person was hired today, would cover this new game through March 2020. Depending on how you look at this, it means we’re probably going to see the game during the 2018 holiday season or maybe sometime in the Spring of 2019. We highly encourage anyone who is qualified to apply for the job, because it sounds like a pretty sweet gig just to be an editor for a new game.

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