Fortnite Surpasses PUBG For Most Watched Battle Royale On Twitch

Fortnite Surpasses PUBG For Most Watched Battle Royale On Twitch

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According to the latest charts and information dug up by Fortnite Intel, Epic Games’ battle royale title has officially surpassed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as the most watched game on Twitch. The website posted an article today cataloging how far each game has progressed since Fortnite‘s launch, and over the last 90-day period, Fortnite managed to overcome PUBG and has been on a steady rise ever since while their rival has been taking a decline.

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Now, what does this honestly mean for either game in the long-run? Absolutely nothing, if you want to get down to brass tacks. Neither PUBG or Fortnite hold any kind of stock on Twitch, neither company really make a major sales based on promoted games through Twitch’s partnership program, and ratings on streaming media only equate to the popularity of who is playing the game at the moment. In other words, the surge is likely coming from more popular streamers playing the game on a regular basis where many of those same people were playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds more frequently a few months prior. Seeing as how H1Z1 and Overwatch both held the most-watched title for a time, it’s very conceivable that like many games, this is a trend and it will eventually slow down when some new hotness come to the gaming hands on Twitch.

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