Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz Launch New Doctor Strange #1 Into Space

We told you that Donny Cates would be off Doctor Strange pretty sharpish after he came on. And so it has come to pass. Marvel has announced Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz will be the new creative team on a relaunch of the series. And they are taking him cosmic.

The Eye of Agamotto is closed! Doctor Stephen Strange has lost his connection to the Earth’s arcane power, and he can’t wait to recover while nightmares press against the seams of our reality. Tony Stark offers a 21st-century solution: when astral travel fails, try astronautical travel. Enter Doctor Strange: Space-Explorer Supreme!

Different spells, allies, and enemies—new and old—await Strange beyond the stars, along with corners and secrets of the Marvel Universe, seen here for the first time! Space is endless, but time is short. After years of threats, Stephen’s bill for magic-use is coming due—who will come to collect?!

Waid has written the Doctor Strange comic before, but usually with his feet a little more on the ground. Or at least hovering only a few feet over it.

DOCTOR STRANGE #1, by Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz, will be published on June 6th.

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