Overwatch League Spotlight: Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire

Overwatch League Spotlight: Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire

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Welcome back to Overwatch League Spotlight, a little section where we highlight the best matches of Overwatch League just so you can watch the good stuff.

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It’s been a tick since we’ve taken a moment to champion a game in the Overwatch League, but what better way to get back in than by highlighting a gem from the start of Stage 2. Stage 1 ended up being a hyper-competitive round in the League. probably more so than many would have thought. Several teams surprised, several disappointed but it was a far stretch from just the all-Korean teams running away with it as might have been expected at the start of the season. Even though the playoffs ended with two such teams going up against each other in London Spitfire (who ended up winning) and New York Excelsior, Seoul Dynsaty missed entirely, and the Houston Outlaws won seven of their last eight matches to sneak in and take an overall second place.

Houston lost in the playoffs to London, but earlier in the season the Outlaws had comprehensibly beat the Spitfire. That’s why the two meeting in their first game of Stage 2 was always going to be a spicy encounter. It didn’t disappoint.

Both have something to prove. Many think the Stage 1 champions got a bit lucky against the Excelsior in the finals, while the Outlaws are now in a new meta, one that many expect Mercy and Junkrat to have lesser roles in, two characters the team excel at. It means there are certainly doubts if the team can keep up its pace in Stage 2. Both were out for blood and to prove that they would remain at the top of the table. However, only one team walked away with it. To find out which, you will have to take a watch here.

Watch Full Match | Houston Outlaws vs. London Spitfire | Stage 2 Week 1 Day 2 from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

If you only want to watch one map, why not this one on King’s Row? Alexandre “SPREE” Vanhomwegenmade made a rare appearance as Zarya and… well, it was great. Take a look:

Watch Game 3 HOU @ LDN Stage 2 Week 1 from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

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