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Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws Relocate Their Training Facility

The Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws are relocating their training facility in Houston after neighbors complained about the team. Apparently, the location of the training facility was a rather fancy house, located in the Woodlands area of Houston. Essentially, a really rich neighborhood with million-dollar homes and people who basically live there for privacy. Neighbors complained […]

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Overwatch League Moves Two Desk Personalities To Commentary

With people seemingly leaving the Overwatch League left and right, the league has decided to do some shifting of personnel for Season Three. Over the past week, we’ve talked about three personalities who have departed now that their contracts are up. As the league will apparently now be moving on without Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, Erik […]

A Second Talent Leaves As Another Questions The Overwatch League

A Second Talent Leaves As Another Questions The Overwatch League

This is not the best week for the Overwatch League, as yet another personality has announced their departure, while another talent questions the direction. First off, Chris Puckett, who served as the primary host for the League’s broadcasts, announced today on Twitter that he is no longer employed by the League. He let fans know […]

Esports Broadcaster MonteCristo Announces Overwatch League Departure

Esports Broadcaster MonteCristo Announces Overwatch League Departure

When the third season of the Overwatch League kicks in, it will be missing a familiar voice as Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles has left. Mykles has had a pretty lengthy esports career, first by forming the team Renegades and making them a powerhouse organization. He also was the coach for Counter Logic before transitioning into broadcasting […]

The Overwatch League Fined Fissure $3K For Information Leak

The Overwatch League Fined Fissure $3K For Information Leak

Some interesting news came out this week about a fine the Overwatch League issued on a player for a leak they made while not in the league. Former retired player Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung announced he was returning to the League and would be joining the Vancouver Titans. Fissure had previously played for the Seoul Dynasty, […]

Overwatch League’s Boston Uprising Make Multiple Coaching Changes

After a dismal season in the Overwatch League, the Boston Uprising has announced multiple coaching changes headed into 2020. The team had a win/loss record of only 8-20 in regular-season games during the 2019 season, and finished 19th of 20 teams with only the Florida Mayhem doing worse. Because of that, word came down today […]

San Francisco Shock Win Overwatch League's

San Francisco Shock Win Overwatch League’s 2019 Championship

Capping off the second season of the Overwatch League, the San Francisco Shock went head-t0-head against the Vancouver Titans this afternoon. Both teams have pretty much been running the Pacific Division, so much so that their dominance killed any Atlantic Division team’s chances of making it to the end. The two collided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania […]

Vancouver & New York Advance To Overwatch League Postseason

The Overwatch League will have a new champion for 2019 no matter what the outcome, and we now know two of the teams vying for the championship. After this weekend’s matchups we now know that the Vancouver Titans and the New York Excelsior will be moving on into the grand finals bracket for a shot […]

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Overwatch League Releases Their 2020 Seasonal Schedule

Blizzard has released the 2020 schedule for the regular season of the Overwatch League, and confirms some news we kinda knew was coming. The schedule shows that there will be multiple games taking place during the week, being held in two specific locations each week with a schedule that will swap back and forth between […]

Overwatch League Announces Plans For The 2020 Season

Overwatch League Announces Plans For The 2020 Season

While we’re looking to see what will happen for the final two stages of 2019, the Overwatch League decided to announce their upcoming plans for 2020. First up, the league will be splitting into four divisions with five teams a piece in each. Which means if the league ever expands again, which we’re thinking they […]

The Shanghai Dragons Take Stage 3 In The 2019 Overwatch League

Well… that’s a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing this year, as the Shanghai Dragons have conquered Stage 3 of the Overwatch League. Over the past few days, the league has been holding the brackets for the Stage 3 playoffs at the Blizzard Arena. The Dragons managed to overcome the biggest threat in the […]

Overwatch League Commissioner Nanzer is Moving to Epic Games

It appears that the Overwatch League is losing one of its key members as Commissioner Nate Nezner is leaving the OWL to go on and oversee esports competitions for Epic Games. Which is a fantastic move for Epic, as Fortnite doesn’t exactly have a centralized esports league. And it needed one last year. Nanzer announced his split […]

Overwatch League’s Boston Upising Sign Zion “Persia” Yang

In a rather interesting move today from the Boston Uprising, the team announced a new signee to the Overwatch League with Zion “Persia” Yang. Yang is a South Korean player who broke into the League through the Pacific division of the Contenders League, where he was a member of the Talon Esports team that finished […]

Vancouver Titans Win Stage One of Overwatch League’s 2019 Season

That’s how you make a statement as an expansion team as the Vancouver Titans take the Stage One title in Overwatch League’s 2019 season. The Shock started off strong taking the Nepal map 2-1 in what felt like a steamrolled victory over the Titans, but they rallied back on Numbani holding off the Shock to […]

The Streak Is Over! Shanghai Dragons Win a Match in Overwatch League

The longest losing streak in esports history has finally been broken, as the Shanghai Dragons finally won a match in the Overwatch League. For those of you not aware, the Dragons ended the inaugural season of the league setting a world record in esports with the worst win-loss record in history, finishing at 0-40. Their luck […]

Twitch and Blizzard Launch Overwatch League 2019 All-Access Pass

Blizzard and Twitch have come together again to offer another All-Acess Pass for the Overwatch League’s 2019 season, with a couple of changes. The first being that the pass is now just a one-time $15 purchase which will run until December 31st. You’ll get 200 League tokens to use on your Battle.net account to buy a […]

Overwatch League Reveal the Uniforms For the Expansion Teams

The Overwatch League has slowly been rolling out all the new hotness from their eight expansion teams for the 2019 season, and now we get to see uniforms. Technically, the uniforms have slowly been coming out over the past couple weeks as the organizers have been introducing the teams through previews. Which has kind of been weird […]

Regarding Women, esports, and “Ellie”

Women in esports is a pretty touchy subject on multiple sides. There are the fans who think women don’t do well in professional esports because women are bad at games. There are the conspiracy theorists who think the only women who are good at esports get to their top ranks due to cheating. There are […]

Overwatch Contender Player “Ellie” Confirmed as a False Identity

Overwatch Contender team Second Wind added a new player to their roster just before the new year, but the player in question quickly received negative attention from Overwatch esports fans. A new player hit the top 10 ranks on the Overwatch NA server and was revealed to be a player known as “Ellie”. Second Wind had […]

The 2019 Overwatch League Schedule is Here

Blizzard has announced the Overwatch League’s 2019 schedule which brings in eight new expansion teams, some away games, and a $5 million USD prize pool. The away games will be hosted by Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, and Los Angeles Valiant in their home cities, which allows the OWL to shake things up a bit. The […]