Trump's America Spoils Black Panther's 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

Trump’s America Spoils Black Panther’s 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

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Though 80 critics have given Black Panther a positive review as tallied by review aggregator website and culture war battleground Rotten Tomatoes, one spoilsport critic has ruined everything for everyone by giving the movie a mediocre review, changing Black Panther’s Rotten Tomatoes critic score from a perfect 100% to an almost perfect 99% fresh.

Black Panther spirals into a stodgy tale of internecine feuding, in which T’Challa is required to come to terms with the sins of past generations,” writes Ed Power for the Irish Independent, giving the movie a 3 out 5. “What he doesn’t get to do much of is jump around beating-up bad guys. That’s a shame.”

Going into further detail, Power suggests that Donald Trump plays a role in dragging down Black Panther, writing, “Fourteen months into the Trump presidency, Black Panther arrives on storm-clouds of hype and with the presumption that, as the first African-set Marvel movie, it will deliver a resounding high-kick to prejudice and decades of hierarchy, racial and otherwise, in blockbuster cinema. It is expected to stand for something bigger than itself. The strain is visible, especially in the performance of Chadwick Boseman as Prince T’Challa – the eponymous Black Panther.”

Thanks to Donald Trump, Ed Power didn’t enjoy Black Panther as much as he could have, and thanks to that, Black Panther now only has a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes instead of 100%. Of all the awful things Trump has done during his presidency, this one has to be… well, okay, he’s actually done lots of worse things, but still, what a jerk!

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