Sea of Thieves Will Be Getting Some Special Xbox Accessories

If you loved the Sea Of Thieves beta and are set on buying the game when it’s released in March, then you might be stoked to see that Rare and Xbox have come together to create a new set of accessories specifically for the game. Below is a brand new controller, pro charging stand, and 2TB game drive, all decorated with the Sea Of Thieves logo and artwork. On the surface, these all look pretty dope with the purple and aqua shading, while the controller has more of a dank coral look to match Davey Jones’ Locker in the game.


The controller itself is probably the best of the bunch, with a compass sitting around the directional pad and a gold right trigger as if the thing has a gold tooth. The controller and the drive will be available when the game is released on March 20th for $75 and $90 respectfully, while the charging stand will be out on April 5th for $50. No word yet as to whether you can pre-order them through retailers or if they’re just simply for sale the day-of, but it does mean if you’ve become obsessed with the game, you’re probably going to be spending an extra $215 on the three.

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